On to the Next One

Marquis Spruill is a senior lead on the Syracuse defense. He is ready to get the bad taste of a blowout loss out of his mouth as the Orange focus on Pittsburgh.

Marquis Spruill knew what Syracuse was going up against last weekend. But even after a week of film study, he was surprised by the speed of Florida State when he saw them up close.

"They're number two in the country for a reason," Spruill said. "They had great athletes. They were fast at like, every position. They had a good game play. We have to learn from it.

"You can't make it bigger than what it is. If you let those things fill your head, then you won't play as well as you should thinking about other things. Just treat it as another game, the next one."

As a senior leader, losing in blowout fashion frustrates Spruill. It helps motivate him to get back to work and turn things around for the next game.

"Just getting back to practice with a bad taste in your mouth," Spruill said. "A loss like that, points put up on you like that, it hurts. Because you pride yourself on defense and stopping big plays. You just have to come back hungry the next time."

After a loss, the Syracuse players come in on Sunday to discuss what went wrong and move on to the next game. Spruill says that helps the Orange get past a tough loss.

"It helps a lot," Spruill said. "It helps get through the pains of a loss like that. You really get to see it, talk about it and get it out of your system and flushed. If not, you're just going to think about it the whole week."

Now focused on Pittsburgh, Spruill noticed one player that has stood out for the Panthers. Stopping him will be a key for the Orange.

"They have an OK o-line," Spruill said. "They have OK running backs. Their quarterback is pretty good. They have nice wide receivers. Twenty-three (Tyler Boyd) is a very good wide receiver. That's their go-to guy."

Syracuse and Pittsburgh kickoff at 12:30pm in the Carrier Dome on Saturday.

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