2015 OL enjoys Carrier Dome atmosphere

Graydon Campbell is starting to make a name for himself in Virginia after his first season in the United States. One of the schools showing interest is Syracuse, who invited him to watch the Orange battle Boston College on Saturday.

Graydon Campbell first came onto the radar a little over ten months ago when he stood out at a Rochester (N.Y.) camp. He was noticed by Syracuse when he attended their camp over the summer. On Saturday, he returned to Central New York to watch the Orange face Boston College and was treated to a fantastic game.

"This was my first college game that I've went to and the Carrier Dome was amazing to see," Campbell said. "I've never seen so much energy, and the place just kept getting more electric as each quarter passed. I'll be honest, when Hunt threw that interception with two minutes left I thought it was over but seeing the defense so totally stop BC's offense was insane. The moment Cuse got back on the field I knew they had a chance but couldn't really tell if it was going to happen because that seemed so Hollywood.

"It doesn't generally work out like that. The last play though was crazy. When I saw Hunt roll out I thought it was done until he tossed it to the tight end on the backside. The way the Dome just erupted as they scored with those last seconds was truly amazing to watch. That game is going to be a memory for a while, it gave me so much anxiety just to watch it go back and forth and then come down to the last second like that. And the way the Dome got at the end, it gave me chills. I loved it."

Campbell was paying special attention to the game because teams have expressed interest. But towards the end, he was pulling for the home town Orange.

"Honestly at first I couldn't decide because I like both teams and Boston College has expressed an interest in me when they visited my head coach, Panos Voulgaris at Episcopal High School in Alexandria," Campbell said. "It was a toss-up so for most of the game. I just watched, loving the back and forth competition of the two teams. But Syracuse had me at the end with that last drive, sure I band-wagoned a bit there but it was crazy to witness a last minute game-winnning drive in person like that.

"I've never had the opportunity to see that. I didn't really get a chance to talk much with the coaches, I greeted a few when I was on the field before the game and saw a few after. I didn't get a chance at all to see Coach Perles, who I was looking forward to seeing again."

Campbell didn't leave with an offer, but remains on the Syracuse radar as they evaluate 2015 prospects. He has also starting hearing from a few other programs.

"They still like me a lot but more or less they were just waiting on my film from the season," Campbell said. "I still haven't received an offer yet however I have interest from Boston College as I mentioned, and then Michigan State and Maryland have also expressed interest."

Campbell spent this past season at Episcopal High in Alexandria (Va.). It was his first season in the United States, as he is a native Canadian.

"Yeah recruiting has started picking up since I moved down south, and I'm hoping my film grabs some attention too," Campbell said. "Life has been great, the school has an amazing culture, just really social but everyone is motivated for academic and athletic success.

"So I find myself competing with so many different kids. I've really loved it, especially the way they handle football down there."

Campbell was all-conference in his private league in Virginia as a junior.

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