Cooper has 'freaking awesome' Cuse visit

Jake Cooper just finished his junior year, and picked up his third offer over the weekend he visited Syracuse during their regular season finale. He discusses his experience and reaction to the offer inside.

Syracuse may have three linebacker commitments in 2014, and looking for a couple more, but that doesn't mean they will ignore the position in 2015. Three star prospect Jake Cooper visited the Orange on Saturday to watch them face Boston College.

"It was freaking awesome," Cooper said. "That was a game. I was sitting there with my pop looking over, and it couldn't have went any better. Being in the Dome was awesome. It gets freaking loud in there. I was just trying to picture it as if it was a full house like it was for West Virginia when they beat them that time in the Dome. It would be tremendous to get a full crowd. It was an awesome atmosphere and the fans really get into the game, which was awesome. I love to see that.

"When Josh Parris ran into the end zone at the end, that was freaking spectacular. I was looking at my dad and we were both laughing because he literally looked at me and said ‘throwback' before the play. So he kind of called what they were going to do. It was awesome to see Syracuse win that game. Hell yeah I was rooting for them."

After the game, Cooper picked up an official offer from Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer.

"I actually didn't get to talk to them before (the game)," Cooper said. "I stuck around after the game and they brought me back there. Coach Shafe was walking down the hallway and he had a lot to do. But he pulled me off to the side for a little bit. I got to meet him for the first time. Let me say this first, he's a great guy and I have the utmost respect for him.

"He pulled me off to the side and said he loved my film and loved the way I played. He liked the type of kid I was. When he offered me he said he wanted to extend an offer to me. Then I was with the defensive line coach (Tim Daoust). I was with him for a while. Everybody was going crazy after the game. It was a great atmosphere. It's always nice to see the coaches pull out a nice win like that. They deserve it."

The offer was Cooper's third, and he was very excited to pick it up after watching such a thrilling game.

"I was pumped," Cooper said. "At first I didn't know what to expect from Syracuse. I was going up to get a feel for campus life and what the atmosphere is like during a game. I really, really like the school a lot. I like the Dome, I like all the fans. The fans are very supportive.

"Everything about the school, I really like. So to get an offer from a school like that, it's huge. I was pumped to say the least. I was in awe actually."

Syracuse has an edge in Cooper's recruitment. One of his closes friends, Zaire Franklin, is a member of the Orange's 2014 class. Cooper attends Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster (Pa.), less than a half hour from Franklin.

"I'm very, very close with Ziggy," Cooper said. "I talk to him about playing together all the time. He and I both agree that would be the coolest thing in the world to be able to play next to one of my best friends. That would be awesome."

After having time to reflect on his visit, Cooper says Syracuse moved way up his list.

"It definitely moves them up," Cooper said. "At first I really wasn't considering Syracuse at all. But the visit really opened up my eyes. I love Syracuse now. I love the coaches. It shoots them right to the top."

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