McDonald visits Edouard

Alin Edouard will be battling with AJ Long and current Syracuse players to be the future at quarterback. Earlier this week, his future offensive coordinator stopped by to solidify his commitment to the Orange.

Alin Edouard has had a productive career as a quarterback in the Sunshine State. With his high school career behind him, he is focused on his future in college at Syracuse. Earlier this week, offensive coordinator George McDonald came to the three star prospect's home to pay him a visit.

"He was there for about an hour and 20 minutes," Edouard said. "We was talking to my parents about how they're excited about having me. They have an offense that is set for me when I come. He was telling my dad all the good things you want to hear from a coach.

"They were real excited about it. Their reaction was like, ‘wow' and they knew McDonald would take care of me."

One of the reasons Edouard was comfortable enough to commit to Syracuse without seeing the campus was his relationship with McDonald. This week's visit only solidified those feelings.

"When Miami was acting different towards me, McDonald was there," Edouard said. "He has been there for me ever since. The day he offered me, he stayed the same way and fought for me. But I'll have to work hard to earn my position on the team. They don't have anything out at Syracuse.

"He could see that I could become the face of the program if I work hard. He said I remind him of Teddy (Bridgewater). He just can't wait to get me on campus. That means a lot to me and shows that he really wants me and he's going to be behind me."

Edouard added that he might take an official to Wake Forest, but that a date hasn't been set. Regardless, he says he is 100% Orange. The visit from McDonald solidified his commitment. His attention going forward is to help Syracuse add Steve Ishmael and Juwan Dowels to their 2014 class.

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