Syracuse Bowl Projections

Syracuse is looking to go bowling for the third time in four years. What are the options for the Orange? We break them down inside.

Syracuse is looking to go bowling for the third time in four years. Which bowls are realistic possibilities? breaks down the options below.

Keep in mind, Syracuse athletic director Daryl Gross said on ESPN Radio's "Upon Further Review" on Wednesday that the Orange were looking at six different bowl opportunities.

Texas Bowl - December 27: A game in a warm weather area against a Big Ten opponent. Sounds like a good option for the Orange. This opportunity is getting more and more buzz as a landing spot for Syracuse.

Heart of Dallas Bowl – January 1st: This may appear to be a good option for Syracuse. It's a New Years' Day bowl game in a warm area. The conference tie-ins are the Big Ten vs the Big Twelve. However, neither conference has enough teams to fill the game. Syracuse could be an option, but Boston College is also a possibility.

Military Bowl – December 27: Maryland is obvious choice to represent the ACC here. It's close to home and gives the bowl the best chance of a large ACC fan base turnout. If the Terps get selected first, Syracuse is an attractive second option. This is likely the only scenario that puts Syracuse in an ACC affiliated bowl.

The AdvoCare V100 Bowl – December 31: A New Years' Eve bowl wouldn't be a bad option for Syracuse. This game is in Louisiana, and gives Syracuse a game in a southern area with better weather. If the Orange were selected, they would face an SEC opponent.

Little Caesar's Pizza Bowl – December 26: The Big Ten does not have enough teams, and therefore their slot is open. Syracuse is a very realistic option here. It wouldn't be a warm environment, but certainly would be a good experience for the Orange. Their opponent looks to be Ball State.

Beef O' Brady's Bowl – December 23: Assuming SMU loses against UCF on Saturday, the AAC (former Big East) will not fill up its slots. Wouldn't it be ironic if they chose an old Big East team to take the slot? It's a real possibility, and is attractive to Syracuse for a couple of reasons. It's a warm weather bowl and is in a prime recruiting area.

Regardless of the selection, it appears unlikely that the Orange will be let out of the equation. Behind the scenes, Gross is doing everything he can to get the best option for Syracuse.

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