Coach Speak: Cordell Hudson

Largo (Fla.) High cornerback Cordell Hudson committed to Syracuse on Sunday. What exactly are the Orange getting in the talented defensive back? spoke to Largo head coach Rick Rodriquez to find out.

Syracuse landed a commitment from three star cornerback Cordell Hudson on Sunday. What type of player are the Orange getting? His head coach at Largo High, Rick Rodriquez, says Syracuse picked up a great one.

"Not only football wise, but character wise he's a hell of a kid," coach Rodriquez said. "He has a 3.6 GPA. He's focused and is going to make a big impact at Syracuse. He locked down that kid that's going to Clemson, Artavis Scott. He shut him down.

"Then the other kid that's going to Michigan (George Campbell), he shut him down too. We put him on the best receivers and he changes the game. Excellent player."

Hudson is also versatile enough to play in any scheme and be a standout on the field.

"He can play man or zone," coach Rodriquez said. "He can play either one. For us he plays either one. He's so physical he can tackle too. He plays cover two and can come up and make plays."

One of the things that Syracuse has done with their defensive backs this year is utilize them in different blitz packages. Coach Rodriquez says Hudson would do very well in that situation, as he's a gifted tackler.

"He's going to be great on the blitz," coach Rodriquez said. "He's a great tackler like I said. He's a physical tackler. He's going to go to college and really do something. Once he starts getting into that conditioning program and they bulk him up a little, he's really going to be something. He can get up to 190 easily."

Coach Rodriquez says Hudson is a special kid off the field in addition to his talent on it.

"Off the field, he's a kid that you take home with you," coach Rodriquez said. "He's like a son to me. I would take him home if he was in need. He has a great attitude and you never have to keep your eye on him to make sure he's doing things right. I've never had a problem with him. Just a great kid."

Syracuse also got themselves a strong leader who will do everything necessary to develop into a big time player at the next level.

"He's a great leader," coach Rodriquez said. "He's not a vocal leader, he does it by action. By the way he does things in practice and does things off the field. That's the kind of leader he is.

"He has a strong worth ethic and kids notice that. We have hard working kids at Largo and he's one of our top guys there. He's not shy about putting in the work. Syracuse got an excellent player. They have to feel blessed to have him."

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