Lacrosse Q & A with Nick Dipietro caught up with 2016 Half Hollow Hills East (N.Y.) defender Nick Dipietro. He discusses his verbal to Syracuse inside.

CuseNation: Pretty basic question: when did you start playing lacrosse? Anyone specifically inspire you?

Nick Dipietro: My dad took me to my first clinic in kindergarten. I look up to him and my uncle who both played.

CN: Watching your highlight reel, it looks as though you're versatile playing on the wings and close defense on certain occasions. Would you say that's an accurate assessment?

ND: I mostly play close D, but if the team needs me to, I play the wing.

CN: How did your verbal to Syracuse come to fruition? Were you able to get on campus for an unofficial visit?

ND: The (Syracuse) coaches had been watching me play for a while (now). Coach (John) Desko saw me play at the Philly Showcase and invited me for an unofficial visit. Coach Desko and coach (Lelan) Rogers gave me a great tour. There were able to show me around all the academic buildings and dorms. We took a tour of the Whitman School of Management and all the facilities. I fell in love with the campus.

CN: Take me through that decision to play for the Orange.

ND: I had started to narrow down my choices and after my conversations with my parents, I decided that Syracuse was the perfect fit for me. Once I decided, I couldn't wait to make my phone call.

CN: You're only a sophomore -- still pretty young -- how have your parents helped you in the recruiting process? What was the most challenging?

ND: I talked it over every step of the way with my parents. I have been going through this for almost a year now and have tried to take it slowly. It was hard not to jump at the first opportunity and wait for the right school to come along.

CN: Why did Syracuse top your list of schools?

ND: It was the best overall fit for me, combining great academics with an amazing lacrosse program. Having my parents at my games is very important to me and playing at Syracuse will make this possible.

CN: What other schools were you considering?

ND: Virginia, Harvard, Notre Dame, Penn State and Lehigh.

CN: What are your goals heading into your sophomore season?

ND: Last year, my high school team missed the playoffs. I am hoping to do all I can to help us get back there.

CN: What do you think you need to improve on?

ND: I am still going to work on improving all aspects of my game. I will try to focus more on my communication.

CN: What are your strengths?

ND: I feel I play one-on-one defense pretty well, but my main strength is getting the ball up off the ground and pushing in transition. I like to play a fast-paced style.

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