Seniors Go Out As Winners

Four years can go by so fast. But for the Syracuse seniors, it was a four years that could help shape the future of the program. They capped their careers off with a bowl win on Friday.

Four years ago, when players committed to Syracuse, the program was down in the dumps. It was among the laughing stocks of college football. The Greg Robinson era had embarrassed a program with a proud history and tradition. A program that had produced some of the best to ever play the sport.

Committing to such a program was part risk and part foresight. A risk to go to that program knowing there is a chance that it doesn't turn things around. Foresight to project what it takes to be part of restoring that tradition.

Fast forward four years and the seniors have done just about everything that they could have hoped. Two eight win seasons, a seven win season, Big East Conference champions, and three bowl wins in four years.

Not to mention switching to a better conference with more talent and still managing to stay competitive even with coaching staff turnover.

Jay Bromley blossomed from an unknown recruit into a multi-year starter who will likely get drafted by the NFL this April. Marquis Spruill has been a steady starter during his career that has switched his position every year since being on campus.

Jerome Smith, despite having one year of eligibility left, is headed to the NFL. He finished his Syracuse career with back to back 1,000 yard seasons for two straight bowl teams.

Keon Lyn, Ri'Shard Anderson and Jeremi Wilkes helped reopen a Syracuse recruiting pipeline into Florida. Each made significant contributions over their career in Orange.

Macky MacPherson, the local product and grandson of former Syracuse coaching legend Dick MacPherson, transformed from a borderline division one prospect to one of the better centers in the country. He helped solidify an offensive line that had previously been erratic both in personnel and play.

What a way to end their Syracuse career. A third winning season in four years. A Texas Bowl Champion. Part of the turnaround of an Orange program looking to get back to prominence.

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