Texas Bowl Quote Book

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer and a few Orange players react to their Texas Bowl victory inside.

Syracuse players and coaches discussed the Texas Bowl after the thrilling win. The following quotes are courtesy of Syracuse Athletics.

Head coach Scott Shafer: "First off, I appreciate you all hanging around. Great to see you all. Great game by both teams. You know, the thing that was great about that game - you had two great conferences, Big Ten and ACC football, going head-to-head in what I think is one of the most underrated bowl games out there. We just appreciate the opportunity to come to Houston, Texas, and be part of the Lone Star State for a few days. At the end of the whole deal, just really excited and proud of our kids at Syracuse.

"We had nine graduates out there playing today, kids already got their degree. A lot of people don't know a lot about Syracuse with the football program. Coach (Jim) Boeheim has done an unbelievable job with the basketball team, but we want to build this tradition up to where everyone in this country understands what we're all about, and the thing we have is we have great student-athletes. Kids that go to class. We check all their classes. I just couldn't be prouder, you know more proud."

Head coach Scott Shafer: ""I did. We had a situation where we were going to go two downs and, if we wouldn't have gotten the first down, it would've been an opportunity to go again on fourth and short. DeAndre (Smith) said, ‘Shaf, you don't have to worry about it, we're getting this first down.' I said, ‘You promise?' We were doing a lot of promising today. He goes, ‘I promise Shaf. I got 50 bucks that we make it.' I said, ‘If we make it, I owe you.'

"That was a bet on the field, you can't take yourself too seriously out there. Everything is overrated except for the relationships you make with each other and extended family. It makes our bonds with our players and coaches that much sweeter."

QB Terrel Hunt: "Definitely, just I would say I got better at leadership, even though I'm still learning to be better at being a quarterback not just a quarterback on the team, really just leadership and learning the players around me and who can do what. Whereas what can I do, I can work on my long ball and stop over throwing the guy, so it's all coming together over time. So it's a good experience."

LB Cameron Lynch: "It was wild because in the BC (Boston College) game they were the last to knock and this time we were like, "it is our turn to seal this game off." I'm just glad how we played. We played well, there were a few holes here and there, but our team didn't prevail. We won the game and that is all that matters."

LB Cameron Lynch: "(LB) Dyshawn (Davis) was like, "he is about to take it back to the crib" and we were like, "we'll see." We just saw him break and we were like, "oh snap you are right" and if he got past that punter it would have been nice."

C Macky MacPherson: "I think Terrel (Hunt) puts out there is what he is, and he worked his butt off to get where he is. He played a great game, a great road game. There are some things we did up front that hurt him, and you know we could have played a better game up front, but he really made up for us and it was an awesome way to end a game."

C Macky MacPherson: "To be honest with you I barely remember it. I do remember getting on my knees and saying thank you man upstairs, and that was it right there. I had no more emotions after that. I was drained."

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