Quote book: John Desko

Syracuse lacrosse head coach John Desko chatted with the media Tuesday afternoon. A few notable quotes from his presser inside.

On freshman Jordan Evans learning both attack and midfield positions: "He seems to be getting pretty comfortable. As I said in the media day, it's a lot to ask of somebody, especially a freshman, but once you get, it makes you a lot better player, it helps you understand the offense better. He's a quick study."

On Evans' versatilely at both positions and the problems it can cause for opponents: "I think it makes us more difficult to cover. I think it helps us if there's an injury at one position or another.. a player that can play both can fill in there. As we go forward, I think you'll see certain players maybe play midfield their freshman year, but go might go into the attack position their sophomore year or junior year. It helps with that adjustment, too."

On Randy Staats learning two positions:"In talking to him and some of his coaches from the past, he seems to be a quick study. Although, for him, we still have to figure out who he is in an Orange jersey. We'll make adjustments as we go on and we'll try him in two spots, but we're going to have to make a decision pretty quickly and where we need to get him. At least he can learn one of the positions early on and then make adjustments from there."

Attackmen and midfielders switching in offensive sets: In one of the offenses, it's kind of like a two attack, four middy offense. So, from that standpoint, one of the attackman has to run the (midfield) position in the one offense anyways. We rotate all three attackmen through that fourth middy spot. They've all become pretty adept with it, it's a similar offense we ran for the last couple of years. The longer the guys have been here, the better they understand it."

Why the attack men run through that fourth midfield position in that particular set: "Sometimes, it's a matchup issue. Sometimes, an attackman may be covered by a certain defender that we don't feel is very good in front of the goal. Likewise, we're not afraid to put long sticks behind the goal on an invert or an attack position. I think it just makes us harder to cover if our guys understand the offense better."

On Mike Iacono getting acclimated to taking face-offs:"We have to get him into competition with our guys right away. Guys are funny, once they get to know one another better they know how to counter and so-on-and-so-forth. We're watching it. He has only been here a day-and-a-half."

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