Franklin recaps Cuse official

Syracuse commit Zaire Franklin took his official visit last weekend. He goes in-depth on the trip, impact it had on other recruits and predicts which will pledge Orange inside.

Wyndmoor (Penn.) La Salle College High linebacker Zaire Franklin has been committed to Syracuse since June. Over last weekend, he took his official visit to his future school.

"Basically, Friday, I was a late arriver because I had exams," Franklin said. "I had midterms at my school. I took exams from 10:30-12, so I left Philly at one. I got up to Syracuse around five o'clock. I was the last one to get there. I went up to Manley and met up with coach Lea and Eric (White). I went back to the hotel and hung out with Naes (Howard), Parris (Bennett) and just hung out for the night.

"We went to Dave and Buster's with our host. We just hung out with our host and the guys for the night. Then on Saturday, we got up at nine and everyone had breakfast together. We then took a campus tour and got to see the whole campus. But we got stuck. We saw all of the dorms but when we were leaving, our bus got stuck. The sports management bus got stuck in the snow. It was me and Naes, Juwan (Dowels) was there and Denzel (Ward).

"We got stuck because it was snowing and got delayed for 20 minutes," Franklin continued. "We got there a little late. We met with the sports management guy. I had already met with him three times so he knew who I was. After that, we went back to Dinosaur and that food was phenomenal. That was worth the hype. After that we went to Manley. Coach Shafe (Scott Shafer) met us there and talked to everybody.

"Then we had a player panel and we got to ask them a bunch of questions. T-Hunt, Brandon Reddish, (Durell) Eskridge, Cam (Lynch), J-West was there and a bunch of other guys. After that we went out to eat somewhere and it was real nice. Then we went back to the hotel and hung out for the night. Then on Sunday we had breakfast at Manley. Then we had meetings. I met with coach Lea, coach Bullough and coach Shafer. After that I left."

During the trip, Franklin had sure he spoke to the uncommitted prospects. He believes all of them had a good time.

"All of them would fit in real well," Franklin said. "Kyron (Watson) is the man. Denzel, that's my boy. Steve (Ishmael) was here, he was having a good time. Juwan loved it. Honestly, all of them had a good time. I think all of them would be great here. Zeek (Rodney), he's a good guy. I think that they all loved it. We came out, even with those that left without a commitment, we're definitely number one."

Franklin spent a lot of time with Kansas commit Kyron Watson. He thinks the Orange have a shot.

"He's said he's considering Syracuse," Franklin said. "He definitely liked it a lot. We talked about him and Kansas a little bit. We talked about how that came about. I think he's just keeping his options open for now. He definitely liked it though.

"I don't like to predict too much, but if I had to, I would say Ishmael is coming. Zeek is tricky, but I think we have a good shot with him. Wake is so much closer to his house, so that could be a killer. But I think we get Zeek too. I think we get all of them to be honest with you. I think Denzel will be in too."

For Franklin, there really wasn't anything to solidify. He did, however, enjoy spending time on campus.

"It was nothing new for me," Franklin said. "I've been done with the recruiting process for a long time, so there was nothing they could tell me or show me that I haven't seen before. But that's what impresses me so much more. This has been my school for months now and it feels like home."

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