Ishmael excited about future at Syracuse

Steve Ishmael is one of the most high profile players to commit to Syracuse as part of their 2014 class. He is motivated to live up to the hype.

North Miami Beach (Fla.) High wide receiver Steve Ishmael is one of the most talented players in Syracuse's 2014 class. On Wednesday, he made his intentions official by signing his letter of intent.

"It was a great feeling," Ishmael said. "Knowing that I'm going to a college with a great education, having it paid for and getting a chance to do what I love. I'm just going to go up there and do a lot of good things."

When he arrives in Central New York, he has to figure out what he wants to study. That is still up in the air at the moment.

"Right now I'm looking at elementary education," Ishmael said. "But I'm not sure because I want to be a high school coach or a college coach, so I might change that to something different."

On Thursday, it was announced that his position coach, Rob Moore, would be leaving Syracuse to coach receivers for the Buffalo Bills. While Ishmael hopes he is successful in the NFL, the loss isn't a big deal for the three-star prospect.

"I don't really have much to say about Rob Moore," Ishmael said. "Just because I haven't had a chance to get coached by him. I just wish the best for him. That's really all I can say.

"I'm really excited about working with coach McDonald. He's also the offensive coordinator so he can show us a lot more about the scheme and build us up team-wise. A lot more specific things, so I feel that's a huge advantage. I'm looking forward to getting up there, doing some work and trying to take Syracuse football as far as it can."

When Syracuse's 2014 class became official, Ishmael was discusses as one of the gems of the class. He has heard those praises and says it will just make him work harder to be successful.

"I feel like that's great because I'll be known when I go up there," Ishmael said. "The fans will probably talk to me a lot more and that's great. I have high expectations for myself and I feel real blessed to be thought of that way. Schools don't usually boost their recruits up like Syracuse has boosted me up.

"I'm just going to go up there and live up to the hype and give them everything I've got. I'm going to show that the hype isn't a fluke and not take any steps backwards."

And, in case anyone was wondering, Ishmael says he's keeping his dreads when he arrives in Syracuse.

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