Daddio: "I'm not satisfied"

Syracuse faceoff specialist Chris Daddio critiques his play through two games with

When asked specifically about his play at X against Siena and Albany, Syracuse faceoff specialist Chris Daddio was refreshingly honest.

"There were times I should of definitely carried the ball around a little bit more instead of passing it right away when I wasn't comfortable," Daddio said about his performance against the Great Danes. "A lot of times, I just tried to get it out of my stick too fast and would try and force a pass to someone who wasn't open just to get rid of the ball. I got comfortable enough with the faceoff, but not enough with me getting the ball purely to the offense."

Albany did its due diligence on the Syracuse specialist and took away his safety net -- wings Matt Harris and Peter Macartney-- early on in the game, forcing Daddio to try and pop the ball out to himself.

Against Siena, Daddio had his way, dishing it out to the wings to jumpstart the offense.

As the game progressed against Albany, the coaching staff urged Harris and Macartney to back off and to pull their guy away from Daddio so he could have some room to create.

With Syracuse set to open up ACC Conference play on Saturday versus Maryland, Daddio sees no point in altering his technique, but rather, it's all about confidence.

"You really don't want to alter you're own move," Daddio said. "That's the thing with confidence, you want to be confident in your own move that no matter what the other guy is doing, you can beat him going into the game.

"Sometimes, after a couple of faceoffs -- if you're winning and then you lose a couple because he's doing something (different) -- you may tweak one or two little things. You never really want to completely change your move."

Daddio will face Maryland's Charlie Raffa (20-of-32 this season), one of the many skilled faceoff specialists thriving in the conference.

"I've already been watching film these last couple of days and seeing how we will match up," Daddio said. "I don't think I need to change anything, but I like I said, as the game goes on, you figure it out yourself."

Head coach John Desko said that he has seen improvement from the senior who has been working with assistant coach Donahue on his technique.

"We're going with one person more because they just have to get in that rhythm -- it's so important," Desko said. "A year ago, we kept mixing it up. We tried two, three different faceoff guys per game. If we have one guy winning, we can't take any chances with that. I mean, look where we were last week (against Albany), we were kind of on the other end of things and were winning faceoffs, but yet, it's still a one goal game. Every possession is important for us."

Daddio would like to think this year is his best year yet given how much time and emphasis has gone into the position. In two games, the senior is 34-for-53 (64 percent).

"I feel like it's definitely helping me," Daddio said of the extra reps, work. "I'm a lot hungrier. I'm not at all satisfied with these last few games. I don't think I'll be satisfied the rest of the year, which is a good thing because it will keep me hungry the entire time."

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