Ishmael recovering from knee injury

Steve Ishmael played his entire senior season with a torn meniscus. That news became public recently, when he posted a picture of his leg in a cast on instagram. caught up with Ishmael to discuss the injury, the long-term prognonsis

North Miami Beach (Fla.) High wide receiver Steve Ishmael is one of the most hyped prospects in Syracuse's 2014 class. Recently, Ishmael had surgery to repair an injury he has been dealing with for some time.

"I first had the injury during our spring game last May," Ishmael said. "I started going to the doctor for it this summer and they told me I had a torn meniscus (knee). I decided to play the season with it.

"I would say it was pretty hard playing with a torn meniscus because I couldn't get in and out of my cuts like I normally do. If you see my game film, you'll see me hold my knee sometimes after I get tackled. I decided to get surgery so that I could be 100% when I go back up there to Syracuse."

The injury was first made public through Ishmael's instagram account, where he posted the picture below. The caption on the picture was, "Thank the LORD my surgery went good???? played the whole season with it and still pulled threw! #ThankYouLord??."

The good news is that Ishmael is not expecting any long-term impact from the injury. He expects to be fully healed and ready to contribute to the Orange during the 2014 season.

"That's why I decided to get the surgery now," Ishmael said. "It's not going to have any affects for this season. I can walk right now, but I wanted to get 100% healthy. I'll be fully ready when I get up to Syracuse. That's why I got it so early."

Ishmael says there will be more from him at Syracuse than he was able to show during his senior season in high school because of the injury.

"I'll be a lot more explosive," Ishmael said. "If everybody say my last year's film (junior season) and thought it was totally different than this year's (senior season), that's because last year I didn't have the injury. I will be a lot more explosive, getting in and out of my cuts and running routes.

"I just want to get healthy so I can show my full potential at Syracuse. I want to make everybody happy up there."

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