Highlights & Analysis: Donnie Foster

Syracuse landed a preferred walk-on in 6-foot-2, 315-pound center Donnie Foster. What are the Orange getting in Foster? Does he have the potential to gain a scholarship and impact the roster down the road? CuseNation.com breaks down his film inside.

Syracuse landed IMG Academy center Donnie Foster on Saturday as a preferred walk-on. We took a look at his film to break down what the Orange will be getting in the 6-foot-2 lineman.


Foster is a physical blocker that has solid strength to move opposing linemen. He moves his feet very well and is quick out of his stance. Foster shows solid athleticism with the ability to pull if needed.

Foster also uses his hands will when engaging his opponent. He is able to extend his hands and maintain leverage in order to open holes in the ground game or pass protect to help form a pocket for his quarterback.

Needs Improvement

Foster gets out of his stance quickly, but often too high. This allows opposing defensive linemen to gain initial leverage, pushing him backwards into the backfield. With his strength, Foster is able to regain leverage during the play, but he will have to improve that at the next level.

As he continues through his block, he stays high and is stiff at the knees. His legs stay straight and do not bend in order to drive his defender. He often engages with his arms and keeps the defender in his spot, but does not drive him backwards. This is a result of relying on his upper body strength, not technique including using his legs.


Foster has potential. His strength and hand technique are solid and show the ability to develop into a solid interior linemen. His stance and stiff legs are a bit of a concern, but a solid offensive line coach can correct these problems. His athleticism, size, and strength give Syracuse a solid prospect as a preferred walk-on.


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