Syracuse the first to offer Blair

Syracuse is still looking for defensive back help despite their impressive 2014 haul. One of their top targets will be Wooster (Ohio) safety Marquise Blair

Wooster (Ohio) High safety Marquise Blair picked up his first offer recently, followed by three more. His ability on the field speaks for itself, leading to interest from several schools.

"He's got measurables," Wooster head coach Doug Haas said. "From the standpoint of he's got height to go with it and he's certainly got the speed. He's a very physical player on the defensive side of the ball. You can see some of that on his highlight tape. Athletic wise, he's a really, really special player for us.

"To be able to play wide receiver and go vertical, go up and catch the ball the way he did on the offensive side of the ball. Then the way he operates in space and be a great tackler with his physical nature are what makes him special for us."

The offers came over a crazy week, which led to four in total and more likely coming down the road. Syracuse was the first to pull the trigger.

"It's really been a whirlwind process for him and myself recently," coach Haas said. "This is all relatively new to me. I've been a head coach for 11-years and this is the first FBS division one player that I've had the opportunity to coach. I talked to coach Lea the linebackers coach on Monday or Tuesday night.

"He and I had a lengthy conversation about Marquise. Then Wednesday morning we talked again a little bit. That afternoon we had a chance to talk together with coach Lea and Marquise. People can see that he's a high caliber player. It wasn't a hype machine or anything like that. That's what I think can be impressive to coaches."

The first offer meant a lot to Blair, who is still learning about the Orange football program.

"First and foremost, there was genuine excitement from him," coach Haas said. "It probably came as a little bit of a shock to him. The interest and things have come fast from an offers standpoint. I don't think I'm misspeaking for him, but I think he fancied himself as a basketball player growing up.

"This has all come back quickly. So this is about reassessing some dreams and goals. Major college football is an opportunity for him. After the Syracuse offer, it was one of those things that it was the first one that he got. So I think he's very, very excited about Syracuse. I will definitely say, he probably knows more about Syracuse basketball than he does about Syracuse football."

An early decision for Blair is possible if he finds the right fit.

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