Scouting Dayton

Syracuse faces Dayton in the third round of the NCAA Tournament. scouts the Flyers inside.

Syracuse is looking to make their third Sweet-16 is as many years as they face the Dayton Flyers in the third round of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday.


Khari Price runs the point for Dayton. He is a smaller, quicker point guard who is deadly from the outside. He is a decent passer but is prone to turnovers. Defensively, Price struggles to stay with guards off the dribble and is not strong enough for physical backcourt players.

Jordan Sibert is arguably Dayton's best player. The Ohio State transfer is one of the best shooters from three-point range in the country, and can score from anywhere on the floor. He can drive, hit the mid-range jumper, shoot from the outside or make plays off the dribble. Sibert is also a solid defender.

Vee Sanford transferred from Georgetown two years ago and gives Dayton a scoring spark off the bench. He has a decent shot from the outside, but excels slashing and finishing at the rim. Sanford is a physical defender as well.

Dayshon ‘Scoochie" Smith also contributes off the bench. He is a true freshman point guard who passes well and has a versatile offensive game. Still early in his career, he is turnover prone but is quick off the dribble.


Dyshawn Pierre is an athletic wing who can score in bunches. He doesn't take a lot of shots for the Flyers, but is very efficient when he does. He can hit from the outside or off the dribble. Pierre is a poor man's Jerami Grant athletically, but can finish at the rim. He is a solid defender but inconsistent on the boards.

Devin Oliver is a solid senior power forward who has improved his touch from three-point range. He is a physical player and gifted on the glass. Oliver also has solid court vision for a forward and is an underrated distributor.

Matt Kavanaugh starts in the middle with ideal size at 6-foot-10, 250-pounds. He does not play up to that, however, playing more of a finesse game. Despite his size, Kavanaugh is an underwhelming rebounder and is not a rim protector. He has a solid offensive game, but scores primarily on the inside off of passes rather than creating his own shot.

Kendall Pollard and Jalen Robinson both contribute off the bench. Pollard is adequate on the boards and in the low-post. Robinson is a big forward/center who can stretch a defense with a solid outside shot. He is a natural rebounder and solid interior defender.

Defensive System

Dayton primarily plays man-to-man, but will switch to a matchup zone if they want to force their opponent to take a lot of outside shots. They did this affectively against Ohio State.

Don't expect as much of that on Saturday, but they will changes things up from time to time.

Dayton is not a great defensive team, and lack true shot blockers on the inside. They are vulnerable to penetration, which Ohio State exploited routinely.

Zone Killers

Devin Oliver and Dyshawn Pierre are the primary candidates to play at the high post. Oliver actually leads the team in assists from the forward spot and has the touch to hit from the free-throw line.

Khari Price and Jordan Sibert are strong outside shooters who will test the top of the Syracuse zone.

The aforementioned Oliver and Pierre can also hit from beyond the arc.

Team Stats

Dayton shoots nearly 47% from the floor and 38% from three-point range as a team. They turn it over 12 times per game, but only block three shots during each contest. They are 151st in the country in rebounding.

Final Thoughts

Syracuse will be tested in this one much more than their first NCAA Tournament matchup. Dayton has some pieces that will give the Orange problems. Their forwards are athletic and versatile with touch from the outside. Ohio State transfer Sibert can score from anywhere.

That said, Syracuse should have a big advantage inside in terms of physicality and on the boards. The rim should be wide open as Dayton lacks a big time shot blocker.

If the Orange play offensively the way they did against Western Michigan, Syracuse should be able to come away with a win. Dayton will score, but they are turnover prone and the zone should create transition opportunities for Syracuse.

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