Tyler Ennis: staying or leaving?

Tyler Ennis had a spectacular freshman season for Syracuse. Will he use that success to start his NBA career right away? Or will he return for his sophomore campaign with the Orange? CuseNation.com explores the possibilities inside.

With the conclusion of Syracuse's 2013-14 basketball season, two large questions loom over the offseason. Maybe the most important surrounds freshman point guard Tyler Ennis.

Ennis had a spectacular freshman season, averaging 13 points, 5.5 assists, 3.4 rebounds and 2.1 steals per game while shooting over 41% from the floor and 35% from beyond the arc.

Beyond the numbers were Ennis veteran savvy, calm demeanor and high basketball IQ that allowed him to step-up in the most pressure-packed situations. His performances in the clutch vaulted him up NBA mock-draft boards and gained the attention of general managers across the league at the next level.

So that brings Ennis to his decision. Will he leave for the NBA, a first round draft position and millions of dollars?

His family is in a good financial position, so the need to support a family in poverty is not an issue here. But the lure of the NBA is often hard to turn down, especially when a high draft pick is likely.

But Ennis has loved his time at Syracuse, and may not want it to end. When asked after Saturday's loss to Dayton, Ennis was non-committal on his future status with the Orange.

"I haven't thought about it all," Ennis said. "I mean, I haven't thought about it."

CuseNation.com spoke with his father, Tony McIntyre before the ACC Tournament. McIntyre indicated exactly what Ennis said, that the family had not spoken about that potential decision. He did say, however, that Ennis' family would discuss his options after the season.

One source has indicated that Ennis is leaning towards staying but has not made up his mind. Another has said he is leaning towards leaving.

This is truly up in the air, and could shape the future of Syracuse basketball.

With Ennis back, Syracuse has one of the best point guards in the nation to lead another team with a lot of talent. Without Ennis, Syracuse has to hand the reigns to Kaleb Joseph, another true freshman point guard. One that may not be as ready as Ennis was coming out of high school.

So Syracuse fans wait with bated breath. Knowing that the success the Orange has next year could very well ride on what Ennis decides.

Ennis Leaving Probability: 60%

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