Recruits react to new football uniforms

What did recruits think of Syracuse's new uniforms unveiled on Wednesday? spoke to several to find out.

Syracuse unveiled new uniforms on Wednesday to mixed reviews from the fan base. Arguably the most important thing, however, is what the recruits think. spoke with several to find out.

2015 Prospects

RB Tyrone Perkins: "I love them! They showed them to me on Tuesday."

DE Qaadir Sheppard: "They're sick dude! I could definitely see myself playing in them."

DE Austrian Robinson: "They're awesome."

DT Kadeen Dryden: "Not bad.

RB Jonathan Forrest: "I like the all white ones and the grey ones are something different."

RB Dontae Strickland: "I love them."

TE Amir Ealey: "I like them a lot. I could see myself playing in them."

S Jazzee Stocker: "Yeah they're hot. I like the home ones."

OLB Mohamed Barry: "I'm in love! I would love to wear those."

OT Barnabas Baning: "I love them."

OLB Drew Wiley: "They are looking good."

2014 Signees

WR Steve Ishmael: "I love it."

MLB Colton Moskal: "I think they are awesome. I love how they incorporate some history of Syracuse in them as well."

WR K.J. Williams: "I love them."

OLB Zaire Franklin: "I think they're fresh."

OT Denzel Ward: "Them boys are sweet!"

QB Alin Edouard: "They look so good!"

OG Aaron Roberts: "They're great."

Looks like rave reviews from recruits.

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