Rojas enjoys Syracuse

Nawell Rojas was one of several New Jersey prospects on the Syracuse campus over the weekend. He recaps his visit inside.

Union City (NJ) High School running back/cornerback Nawell Rojas visited Syracuse today for the spring football game and was immediately impressed with the team's work ethic.

"I like how the team is hard-working," Rojas said of the Orange. "It's my style of play."

But his admiration didn't stop with simply the on-the-field product. For him, one of the best parts of the school was the apartment he would get to live in.

"I like that you don't have to dorm," he said. "It's not far from home either."

Proximity to home will play a role in Rojas' ultimate decision, along with the possibility of playing with teammates and close friends, Jonathan Castellano and Daiquan Kelly.

So far, Kelly is the only player of the three with an offer from Syracuse. But after the trio came to the game together, they all agreed on a pact.

"We were saying if they were to offer to me [and Jonathan Castellano], then we'll all commit today," Rojas said. "[Kelly] is just waiting on us to get [an offer from Syracuse] so we could all commit together."

But no offer for Rojas and Castellano just yet. The Syracuse coaching staff, who Rojas has already taking a liking to, plans to talk with him about it again in the next few days.

"You always want to go to a place where you are wanted and you feel comfortable around the coaches," he said of Scott Shafer and his staff. "Here I felt like I was."

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