Ozigbo gets the offer he was waiting for

Devine Ozigbo has wanted a Syracuse offer for some time. It came on Tuesday when the Orange pulled the trigger. The three-star Lone Star State running back reacts to the offer and discusses his interest in Syracuse inside.

There are few prospects without a Syracuse offer that received as much attention from fans as three-star Sachse (Tx.) High running back Devine Ozigbo. The talented back had a lot of interest in the Orange, but did not see that reciprocated.

That all changed on Tuesday, as Syracuse extended an offer.

"I've been interested in Syracuse for a while," Ozigbo said. "I even went up to their game versus Clemson at Syracuse with one of my friends. That's when I first started feeling the school. I didn't hear much from them, but I got letter here and there.

"Then today I got a message from coach (DeAndre) Smith. He told me to call him whenever I can. So I called him after my athletic period and that's when they offered."

Ozigbo's conversation with coach Smith went well. He hopes to stay in touch as the two get to know each other. During their conversation on Tuesday, Smith gave the Lone Star State talent expectations for his potential future in Orange.

"He said they aren't just recruiting me to come sit on the bench," Ozigbo said. "They're recruiting me to come in and play. So I need to be ready but he thinks I fit in their offense. He said the offense we run at Sachse is kind of part of what they do so that would help.

"He said I fit their offense well and he expects me to come in and play early."

While there was excitement when the offer came, there was also a sense of relief. Syracuse offer was the elusive one that had been on his mind throughout the process.

"It was kind of like a ‘finally' thing," Ozigbo said. "I've been waiting for it and I was hoping I'd get it. It was one of those offers that I originally really wanted to have and be able to take a really good look at. Now I'm just really excited that I got it so I can go through the evaluation process and go through spring.

"I'll look forward to them coming down here so I can talk to the coaches and we'll make a decision from there."

The plan is for coach Smith to visit the Sachse High standout in the middle or end of May. The Orange don't venture into Texas very often, something that Ozigbo has noticed.

"It's an honor," he said. "A school like that going out all this way to take a serious look at me and to throw down an offer, that means a lot."

The running back history at Syracuse is among the nation's best. Following in the footsteps of legends is no something that scares off the three-star talent.

"It's good because they have high expectations," Ozigbo said. "That's when players are at their best when they have a lot on their plate. They're big shoes to fill so hopefully I can fill those shoes or come close. It's a place where I can reach the goal of going to the NFL from with their history. So it's real good."

Despite a late offer, Syracuse is still of interest to Ozigbo. He says he will not hold the timing of the offer against the Orange.

"They're pretty high," Ozigbo said. "Especially being the school I've kind of been waiting for and hoping I'd get. Out of my list, I don't really have any favorites right now, but I have schools that I've considered and thought of. Syracuse is definitely one of them."

Ozigbo added that he would like to visit Syracuse this summer, but it will depend on whether or not his parents can afford the trip. He does feel comfortable enough with Syracuse, from previous visits, that a commitment is possible without another visit.

He wants to decide by mid-summer.

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