Bromley surprised by the Giants

Jay Bromley had confidence that he was one of the best defensive tackles in the 2014 NFL Draft, but was not projected to be selected in that vein. So when the Giants pulled the trigger in the third round, he was surprised. Bromley is still on cloud nine after being drafted by his hometown team.

At 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jay Bromley wasn't enjoying a Mother's Day meal with his mom. He wasn't celebrating his graduation with friends and family. He wasn't even at his apartment.

He was waiting at Hancock International Airport for a plane to New York, so he could start his career as a New York Giant. The former Syracuse defensive tackle was the tenth player taken in the third round (74th overall).

As you could imagine, the last 24 hours had been crazy due to the draft and commencement ceremonies.

"I think hectic is a good word," Bromley said in a phone interview. "But I am excited as well. I have just been blessed."

Bromley was in the Tops grocery store near campus, shopping with his girlfriend and former Syracuse teammate Jeremi Wilkes, on Saturday when he received a phone call.

"It was the Giants' scout on the other end of the call," Bromley said. "He told me that ‘I wanted to call you because we are about to pick you.' I thought he was joking."

The next thing he knew, he was on the phone with Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, who told the rookie that he should be ready to work hard.

It was all a surprise for Bromley, a guy who has dealt with his share of dissapointments in football: only one offer coming out of high school, being undersized during his first couple years at Syracuse, receiving an undrafted rating after entering his name in the 2013 draft.

"I didn't expect to go that high," Bromley said. "Any pre-ranking didn't have me that high. To be one of the top-five tackles to go in the draft (he was the fifth) is amazing.

"I am the type of guy that I know I earned it, but I don't expect it. So as I am working hard, it is always a surprise to me even though I have earned it."

Bromley said that before the draft, he had received interest from the Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets. The Giants were never part of the picture. But that doesn't mean he was upset about it. Growing up in Jamaica, N.Y., he was a Giants' fan.

"That is my hometown team," Bromley said. "I got bed sheets with the Giants' logo all over them."

Being with the Giants means he will be close to his hometown and family, which will only have to drive about an hour to get to MetLife Stadium.

"It's great. Especially knowing my mom, who wants to be where I am at," Bromley said. "To be there . . . to do everything in New York City, it's amazing."

Bromley said that in the next couple of weeks, he'll be securing a place to live. But more importantly, he will start working with his fellow rookies and getting accustomed to the pro facilities and lifestyle.

He is nervous, but the more he thinks about his future, the more his worries ease. He said he is ready to meet his teammates and learn from them.

"It is a little bit [nerve-racking], but I am excited too," Bromley said. "I want to see what number I got, I want to see my helmet, I want to see my locker. I'm ready to work hard.

"I can't sit next to someone that's great and not get better. I'm just going in there looking to work hard. Every snap I get out there, I want to earn it."

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