Coach Speak: Dana Levine

What is Syracuse getting in defensive end Dana Levine? spoke to his Hallandale High head coach Dameon Jones to find out.

Thursday was another successful day for Syracuse football recruiting. They landed defensive end Dana Levine from Hallandale High in Florida. His coach, Dameon Jones, says the Orange picked up an explosive player.

"He's 6-foot-4, 220-pounds and can run," Jones said. "When he comes off the edge, he's coming with speed and a bunch of something. A great kid. The kid's personality, he's a little reserved. But he goes hard every play.

"He has different moves. He uses his hands, he has speed rushes. His technique is solid. There's always room for improvement, but he gets off the ball quick and is a hard-nosed kid. If I had to start a ball club, I would definitely want him on it."

One key will be adding weight to his frame in order to withstand the riggers of the division one level. Once Levine does that, he could be a steal down the road.

"I mean of course he's going to need some coaching," Jones said. "Just like anyone does going to the next level. But he's at 220 or 230 now, and he's going to put on another 15-20 pounds. He's going to get coached up and he's going to be a dynamic player for Syracuse.

"I think he's an ACC player and I think he could've played in the SEC if he weighed a little bit more right now. But I think he will be very successful."

Like any prospect coming out of high school, working on technique and details will be critical. Once he masters the fundamentals, his raw skill set will be able to take over naturally.

"I think he just has to fine tune some things," Jones said. "Of course with all high school kids, he can add some weight and get stronger. But with a 6-4 body, someone who's very aggressive and who's not scared of contact. Someone who is explosive and athletic, that tells you a lot of tremendous things."

As impressive as Jones says Levine is on the field, he is as solid off of it as well.

"He's a great kid with both parents at home," Jones said. "His dad is a sergeant for the police department. His mom is an educator for one of the local schools. He has both parents at home and is a great kid. His work ethic is tremendous. I couldn't be happier for anybody else."

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