Hofrichter: 'It was all pretty amazing'

Sunshine State kicker Sterling Hofrichter recaps his first visit to the Syracuse campus inside.

Seffner (Fla.) Armwood kicker Sterling Hofrichter visited the Syracuse campus on Friday, the only school to have extended a scholarship offer to date. The visit went very well.

"It was great," Hofrichter said. "We checked out the athletic center. We saw the weight room. We got to see the current practice field and their indoor practice field. We checked out the Carrier Dome. We toured all of these different academic buildings.

"We saw the dorms. The dorms were really nice. They were great. Way nicer than any other colleges. Putting on the jersey was pretty cool. They were the new ones, so that was pretty cool. It was all pretty amazing."

One of the standouts was speaking with various members of the coaching staff. That includes Chris Gould, who is in charge of special teams quality control for the Orange.

"I talked to coach (Scott) Shafer," Hofrichter said. "I talked to coach (Tim) Daoust, coach (Tim) Lester, coach (Chris) Gould. They talked about a whole bunch of stuff ranging from all over the place. Coach Gould talked to me about kicking and all that.

"The meetings were great. It was nice to finally meet all of my coaches. Like with coach Shafer, I had never met him before. He was just coming to practice so I couldn't really talk to him. Especially with coach Gould. It was great to be able to talk to him."

Two parts of the visit in particular stood out to the 5-foot-10 kicker.

"The Dome was really cool," Hofrichter said. "Then the dorms. The dorms I checked out were great. They were like apartments you would have to pay for but they were free dorms. Those were the two main things that stood out."

While everything went very well on the trip, committing did not really cross Hofrichter's mind. That was mostly due to a time frame already in his mind from which he does not want to deviate.

"Coach Shafer was talking to me and said he wouldn't let me commit right now even if I wanted to," Hofrichter said. "He said I need to go home and talk to my dad. Get some sleep and think it over. Just think about what I want to do.

"I'll probably make my decision in the beginning of July. I have other kicking camps I'm going to in June with other colleges. So I'll probably make my decision after that."

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