Shafer looking for improvement in year two goes one on one with the Syracuse head football coach to discuss his expectations for year two of the Scott Shafer era.

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer is set to embark on his second season leading the Orange football program. His first campaign was a success, building on the momentum from his predecessor, Doug Marrone.

The Orange rallied at the end of the 2013 season to become bowl eligible in their final regular season game with a thrilling win over Boston College. Advancing to the Texas Bowl, Syracuse again won in exciting fashion, defeating Minnesota.

With his second spring in the rear view mirror, coach Shafer is looking forward to improving every aspect of the program.

"We just want to get better every day," Shafer said. "We want to try to win, at bare minimum, one more game than we won last year. Then hopefully more than that. Really try to put a footprint in the northeast in recruiting."

With most of the staff from last season returning, as well as a majority of the offensive starters, Syracuse could be poised to meet Shafer's expectations of a minimum eight win season. The Orange have a more favorable scheduled in the fall with the ability get off to a fast start.

Year two will present different challenges for man leading the Syracuse program. While there is some more comfort than there was last year at this time, coach Shafer is not taking anything for granted.

"I'm a nervous nelly," Shafer said. "I'm excited that I know more than I did last year going into it. I'm looking forward to trying to make improvements in all of the things we do. In all the areas whether it be on the field or in recruiting or in our academic support or things we do in the community.

"I think anytime you get the first year under your belt and go into your sophomore season as a head coach, you feel a little bit more confident. You also know that people know more about us now that we've played a year in the conference. That balances itself out. We're excited and looking forward to the challenge."

Syracuse kicks off the season on Friday, August 29th at 7:30pm against Villanova.

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