The Versatility of Spence

Coral Gables coach Roger Pollard talks about his star cornerback that just committed to Syracuse.

It was a busy 24 hours for Syracuse in South Florida.

Between Thursday and Friday the Orange lost a commitment in Davante Davis (Miami Booker T. Washington) and then gained one in Andrew Spence (Coral Gables, Fla.). Both are cornerbacks and virtually the same size and skill set.

The difference now is that Spence is headed to play for Syracuse

"Syracuse did a great job in recruiting him," said Roger Pollard, Coral Gables, coach. "Coach [George] McDonald did a nice job. They always do. But I tell all my kids to recruit the coaches not the other way around. So Andrew and coach McDonald seemed to really hit things off well. They built up a nice relationship very quickly.

Now he can concentrate on his senior year and enjoy the year. And Andrew can focus on the team and winning a state title without having to worry and deal with recruiting. It worked out very well."

Spence, 6-foot-1.5, 185-pounds, is a physical cornerback that terrific size and length. But there is more to his game.

"He's very physical," Pollard said. "I would say he's closer to 6-1.5 than 6-2. "He can play cornerback but he may grow into a safety. I just know that once these kids, especially from South Florida, leave high school and go to college, they will all of a sudden get three square meals a day. Before you know it Andrew could be 220-pounds. If that happens and it very well could, he could be a safety for sure.

"As a cornerback, Andrew is great at the line of scrimmage. He's so big, so long and so physical. He's the type of player that can eliminate the opposition's best receiver. That's what he has done for us. That's he's best asset. But he can also play zone. Andrew is very versatile."

Spence had offers from teams like Indiana, UAB and South Alabama, while programs like Cal, Kentucky, Maryland, Marshall, Michigan, Tennessee, South Carolina and others all expressed a lot of interest.

"All I know is that there are usually a 100 guys that are first round projections but only 32 get drafted in the first round," Pollard said. "He doesn't have the offers some of the other guys do but each school is different. At the end of the day, all it takes is one and he's got his one in Syracuse."

Spence gave his pledge to the Orange without ever visiting Syracuse. That could happen at some point this summer, according to Pollard.

"We are going to really try hard to get him up there for a visit," Pollard said.

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