The Perfect Fit

Syracuse head coach Scott Shafer discusses how new tight ends coach Bobby Acosta is fitting into the program in part two of our one-on-one series with the leader of the Orange.

Syracuse lost two members of their 2013 staff during the offseason. Rob Moore and Pat Perles decided to pursue other opportunities. The loss of Moore meant offensive coordinator George McDonald could slide over to also coach the wide receivers, something with which he has an abundance of experience.

That left an opening for a tight-ends coach. Enter Bobby Acosta, who was hired by head coach Scott Shafer in February.

"It's great to have Bobby on staff," Shafer said. "He's fitting in great. Coach McDonald had talked about Bobby for a while. He's a guy that was doing great things. He was down at Widener as a head coach. We were excited to meet him because we had very like values and what football is all about in terms of working with kids and football at the collegiate level.

"On the x's and o's side of things, we also had very similar motivations on how we wanted to run our offense to what he was doing. So when he came in it was a natural fit. He fit right in with the players and the coaches. He's done a great job. He's been on the recruiting trail doing a great job as well. So I think we've got a great addition to the staff in Bobby."

Acosta came in at a good time. He was able to work with his group during the spring and prepare for the spring game. That experience will provide a solid spring board into the fall.

"He's done a really good job," Shafer said. "I felt like tight ends play was improved. Those kids know what they're doing and can do it at a fast speed. Bobby has a big personality and I can see the kids enjoying playing for him. I've been pleased with all those kids. Especially with their effort and their attitude and the way they handle themselves in the meeting room and taking that to the field. I think that's a great piece of the puzzle with him sliding in.

"With George moving to the wide receivers and Bobby being able to slide into that tight end position, it gives us the luxury of having a guy that can coach tight ends but can also work with the o-line. So when he and Joe Adam are talking football, it's like two peas in a pod. Talking about the things they want to do together, blocking with different looks and whatnot. So I think it's been a good fit. I've seen good progress with his position."

Whenever a coach transitions from one job to another, especially when it's a move up levels within a sport, there is an adjustment period. In this case, coach Shafer says that it was been seamless for coach Acosta.

"I think it's been smooth," Shafer said. "The thing about having former head coaches on the staff is that they know why you keep a bottle of Advil on the desk. They can appreciate all of the things that maybe someone who didn't sit in that seat don't really look at. It's been comforting to have not only Bobby but Tim Lester and Joe Adam. Guys that were former head coaches that have had to deal with all of the things that happen on a given day. I know it's been smooth for me and I would hope that for him it's the same."

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