Jones Taking His Time

Five-star Derrick Jones is an elite talent that has several high majors in pursuit. He is planning to take visits to many of them this summer. His AAU coach, Terrell Myers of We R-1, discusses the latest inside.

Radnor (Penn.) Archbishop Carroll wing Derrick Jones is one of the most talented players in the 2015 class. He has showcased his elite skill set at nearly every event in which he has played, according to We R-1 AAU coach Terrell Myers.

"He's been playing phenomenal all year," Myers said. "He had a huge game in Pittsburgh. Then in the All-City Classic, he won the MVP. He's been growing every time I see him from a maturity standpoint."

From a recruiting standpoint, the five-star wing is taking things slow.

"As far as recruiting, he's maturing and trying to figure out who he is," Myers said. "He's trying to figure out who he is and what he likes. There are several schools that he likes. Right now he's just trying to figure it out.

"You just never know. The process is a lot. He's learning who he is as a kid first. He wants to find out what the right fit is for him. He hasn't been on any visits yet. Right now, he hasn't been on many so just the idea of trying to get him on some visits."

Despite Jones taking his time, there are several schools he likes. That doesn't mean he has any favorites, however.

"He likes Syracuse, Iowa State, UConn, Kentucky, Louisville, Florida, Indiana, Arizona and I'm not sure if I'm missing anybody," Myers said. "Those are the schools that he likes that he's a good fit for their system. Those are the places where he fits their style.

"Right now he's wide open. He's not under any pressure to make a decision. He just wants to finish out the summer, make some early visits hopefully, and then after the AAU season take some other visits. Then make a decision on when he wants to make decision."

The first visits Jones will look to take are to schools close to home. That includes Syracuse.

"Syracuse is a great school," Myers said. "The history, the caliber of players that go to Syracuse. For a kid on the east coast, they have to be one of those schools that you grow up being interested in or really liking. Boeheim has been there for a while and their style of play (is attractive).

"They continue to produce pro athletes. That school definitely appeals to him. They were one of the first schools. He's not far from the school and knowing a few guys from the area that have gone there has helped."

After the visits to regional schools, Jones will look to check out programs a little further away. Myers also mentioned that Syracuse has been in touch and visited Jones at his high school recently. There is no timetable for a decision.

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