Coach Speak: Evan Adams caught up with Norwalk High head coach Sean Ireland to discuss what Syracuse is getting in offensive tackle Evan Adams.

Evan Adams, an offensive tackle in the 2015 class, committed to Syracuse on Thursday. His coach at Norwalk High in Connecticut believes the Orange are getting a very good player.

"He's a very big kid," Ireland said. "He's 6-foot-6, 300-pounds. He's a strong kid and he's a good athlete. He's quick off the ball. He's very aggressive. What we love about him is that he has that mean streak on the field. He's not looking to block you he's looking to punish you. He's big, quick, athletic and strong with a mean streak."

In Syracuse's offense, pass protection is critical. While Adams has upside as a lineman, he will need to work on some things when protecting his quarterback.

"With his pass blocking, he has to work on some things," Ireland said. "We're a very run oriented team. If he's not pulling on a run play or pulling on a waggle, every now and then he stands straight up. I don't want to say he takes a play off in pass protection, but he needs to work on his technique.

"When his technique is there, don't let him get to the defender. When he gets his hands on someone, it's over for that defensive player. As soon as he's locked onto somebody, there's nobody that's getting through him."

In the run game, however, he could is much more advanced.

"He almost has a defensive mindset," Ireland said. "He's going to come at you. He stays low, he drives off the ball, he's very good with his technique. Like I said, he's not just looking to block you, he's looking to punish you. He gets under an opponents pads, he drives them.

"There's at least five, six or seven running plays per game, the kid is laying on his back on the ground. The defensive player. A lot of our scheme calls for a double team. A lot of times with him, we don't need to."

With Adams' combination of size and athleticism, coach Ireland believes he can become a force at the collegiate level.

"I think the sky is the limit for him," he said. "I really do. Right now, he's 6-foot-6, 300-pounds and that's with him in a high school lifting program and going both ways. When he gets in a situation where he only focuses on offense and it's all about offense, and drill offense in his head, he's going to be very successful.

"He can be as successful as he wants to be. I think he's going to succeed in a big way at the next level."

Off the field, Adams is a captain of his high school team who is successful in the classroom as well.

"He's a leader," Ireland said. "He's a real nice kid. He does what he needs to in school. He's right around a 3.0 grade point average. He's not one of these kids who thinks he's great at football and doesn't need to do anything else because football will get them there.

"He understands he has to work in the classroom as well. He was the only captain named. He was named the day after our season ended. It wasn't because of his ability. It was more because of his attitude and his leadership abilities on and off the field."

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