Syracuse visit has big impact on Fox

Jordan Fox is one of the most talented players in New Jersey, and is a key target in the Orange's efforts to reestablish themselves in the state. The three-star prospect discusses his first trip to Syracuse inside.

Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep defensive end/linebacker Jordan Fox is one of the top defensive players on Syracuse's board. He checked out the campus for the first time over the weekend.

"The Syracuse visit was a great visit," Fox said. "We got to hang out on campus, and check out the facilities. From there we went right into strength and conditioning with the strength and conditioning coach. Then we went to the stadium. We got the campus tour and go to see the dorms.

"Then we came back and had meetings with the coaches, then a meeting with coach Shafer."

The visit left a big impression on the three-star talent.

"I would say Syracuse definitely grew on me," Fox said. "I wasn't expecting that going into the visit. I was very surprised. I actually loved the facilities and I loved the visit as a whole. The recruiting director (Eric White) did a great job presenting Syracuse. It was good."

An important part of the trip was speaking with the coaching staff in order to develop that relationship. Fox met with linebackers coach Clark Lea and head coach Scott Shafer on Sunday.

"First I met with coach Lea, the linebackers coach," he said. "He just talked about his philosophies and his teachings as a linebackers coach. What he feels he can get out of me and how he can make me a better person. Then we went over the defensive schemes and where he sees me playing at either the Mike or Will backer,

"From there I went to coach Shafer. The conversation I had with coach Shafer was one of the best conversations I've had with any coach. He's really down to earth. I felt really comfortable sitting down and talking to him, I felt like we could talk about anything. I liked that he said he recruits guys with personality. Every player he recruits is a great athlete but it's about the personality that brings us together as a team. All of the things that he harps on. So I felt like the conversation with coach Shafer was great. He's a great guy and I trust him. I'm excite and I'm glad I met him."

Sitting down and getting to know the Syracuse coaches was of high importance to Fox, and that was a big highlight of the trip.

"It was great," Fox said. "Because going on visits and developing relationships with college coaches, that's one of the biggest things. If you feel comfortable and build great relationships with a great coach that you feel can get you to the next level, that's the most important thing.

"So it was great getting on campus and building those relationships with Syracuse."

One of Fox's friends is running back Dontae Strickland, who committed to the Orange on Saturday. Fox says he has spoken to fellow three-star prospect about his decision.

"He hit me up before he actually committed," Fox said. "He was talking about how he's going out there on Saturday with his whole family. How he's excited and was asking how I felt about 'Cuse. If I was going to commit when I was going. I was just really happy for him.

"When I talked to him he seemed really happy about the commitment. He's excited. He's jacked up. I'm definitely happy for him. It's great to see other New Jersey guys going to Syracuse and starting the pipeline from New Jersey to Syracuse like was big back then. So I definitely think it was great."

The visit opened Fox's eyes and have him a perspective on the school he did not previously have.

"Syracuse definitely moved up on my list," Fox said. "They're one of the top schools on my list after the visit. So I would definitely say I'm highly considering it."

Fox added that he doesn't have a specific order of his top schools, but said Syracuse is definitely in his top five. He plans to visit Stanford, Miami, and Virginia Tech this summer. He is looking to decide by the end of July.

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