Pickard has Oregon in top four

Millburn (N.J.) athlete Jake Pickard discusses his latest offer from Oregon and where they stand with him heading into the summer.

Offer No. 12 arrived for Millburn athlete Jake Pickard on Wednesday from the University of Oregon. Outside linebackers coach Erik Chinander was the person whi extend the offer to the 6-foot-6, 231-pounder after a few months of contact between the two and a face-to-face meeting during the evaluation period at Pickard's school.

"He talked to all the defensive staff and said they all loved me," Pickard said. "He talked to the head coach and said he liked my film, he liked the way I played and to play football at that level you need to be hard nosed, aggressive and just fly around the field, and that's what he saw in my film."

After seeing the film, it became less of a matter of whether or not to offer him and more of a battle over which position Pickard could play at.

"When I talked to [Helfrich] he said that in the war room every single person in that room was fighting over me because they think I can play D-line, or D-end, or outside linebacker, or O-line, or tight end," Pickard said. "He said that was one of the first times he's ever seen that."

As far as where he sees himself fitting into the Oregon system, Pickard believes he could play anywhere depending on where they need him.

"I think it's more of a matter of how much weight I put on and how fast," he said. "If they want me at D-end, or they want me to play my first or second year, I think I'll probably start at outside linebacker and then once the weight comes, go to D-tackle or D-end. It's the same thing with tight end. If they want me to play tight end or O-tackle, it just depends on weight."

After receiving the offer, Pickard placed the Ducks in his Top 4, along with Boston College, Nebraska and Virginia, citing the success of the program and the connections he has with the coaching staff.

Academically, he is particularly intrigued by Oregon's sports business program and the connections it could create with Nike. If he does land in Eugene, he wants to take advantage of a summer internship with them.

"There would just be great football experience and [it would] also help me out of college," Pickard said.

Although he plans on deciding early, Pickard wants to visit Eugene before making his final decision.

"Officially, definitely," he said. "I plan on making my decision within the first few days of going back to school or, if not, a little bit before that. But I'm definitely going to be talking to my parents and trying to arrange a way to get out there before I make my decision."

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