Gerbino goes camping

Junior quarterback Jared Gerbino has an important summer as he looks for his first offer. Over the last week, he has attended camps at Syracuse and Rutgers. He discusses both inside.

Rochester (N.Y.) Rush Henrietty quarterback Jared Gerbino is hitting the camp circuit this summer in order to jump onto the radar of regional programs. On Friday, he was at Syracuse and worked with quarterback coach Tim Lester.

"Most of the night I worked with coach Lester, their quarterback coach," Gerbino said. "We did all agility drills like vertical, 40, all that stuff. After that we moved on to throwing, footwork and opening your foot work, keeping your chest open, throwing over the top, finishing the throw and all that good stuff. Then we moved into throwing routes to receivers.

"After that we did some one on one stuff with wide receivers, running backs, defensive backs. Then we went back into a room and talked with coach Lester about our film. Watched our releases and how we follow through with the ball. It was good."

Gerbino improved as the camp went on, and received positive feedback from the Orange coaches.

"In the beginning, I wasn't releasing the ball high enough so I was throwing the ball into the dirt," he said. "As we started going along more, balls started flying out better. When we were watching film, I had probably the most positive feedback out of all of the guys. All of the quarterbacks at least with my footwork and body locations with open shoulders. It was pretty positive."

He may be a class of 2016 prospect, but he is already on the Syracuse radar.

"The recruiter for our area, coach Bullough, he seemed pretty excited," Gerbino said. "He was talking about ‘oh this is the kid from Rush Henrietta. This is the quarterback we were talking about. We had a meeting about him.' Coach Lester was just saying how good of a job I was doing and that he's going to keep an eye on me.

"It's a great feeling. It makes me want to work harder so that can happen at every college I go to. Chauncey went there and Ashton went there, so the last two quarterbacks at Rush went there. We have a good connection with Syracuse right now. It felt good and it makes me want to work harder."

Syracuse isn't the only camp Gerbino attended recently. Last weekend he was on the Rutgers campus for one of their camps.

"The recruiter for my area, their coach, he's said he's really happy to be talking to me," Gerbino said. "I had a good time at their camp. I think it went well. I'm going back there June 27th for a 7-on-7 tournament. So that will be fun."

The camp he attended was not the first time he has had a connection with the Scarlet Knights, and may not be the last.

"The Rutgers coach came to my school personally to talk to me and one of my receivers," Gerbino said. "He seemed really excited to talk to us. He gave us a poster and a card. He was just overall happy. I met him the first time with my 7-on-7 team and he said I passed the eye test.

"He saw me throw a little at their camp and said I did pretty well. He's excited I'll be coming back a third time. He said that's really important because it lets them see me so much. He said he'll focus on me much more at the next camp."

Gerbino is also planning on attending Old Dominion camp and may check out Pittsburgh and Penn State as well. The junior quarterback is still looking for his first offer.

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