Coach Speak: Brandon Ginnetti

Hamden Hall head coach Joe Linta breaks down new Syracuse commit Brandon Ginnetti inside.

Syracuse picked up an under the radar defensive end on Wednesday when Brandon Ginnetti committed. His head coach at Hamden Hall in Hamden (Conn.), Joe Linta, says Syracuse is getting someone with a high motor.

"All of schools have offered him at defensive end and some have on offense," Linta said. "They liked him as an h-back or fullback because he's a little too short for tight end. He's a relentless player and has a really good burst off the ball. He's a gamer.

"He plays with a lot of emotional passion. He did a lot of great things last year. He really came into his own last year. The year before was decent, but he really made a commitment to football last year and put a great season together."

Despite being productive on both sides of the ball, Syracuse likes Ginnetti at defensive end. Like all high school prospects, there are things he is working on in order to be ready to contribute at the next level.

"He's going to have to stay lower," Linta said. "He's beating guys at this level on pure speed, strength and ability. He has to lower his pad level a lot in order to play with the big boys. He has to develop a better pass rushing arsenal moves wise. Every kid at that age has to get stronger."

While he continues to develop those areas, there is a skill set in his repertoire that suggests collegiate success.

"His biggest strength is the relentless nature in which he plays," Linta said. "He's very quick. He's quicker on the field than his timed 40-speed. He's a football player more than he's going to impress anybody with his numbers at a combine.

"He's also a very accomplished baseball player, so up until recently he was training for both football and baseball. Being able to focus on just that during the spring, that's when the offers started to come."

Coach Linta projects a bright future for Ginnetti while wearing Orange.

"I think he can be a two or three year starter at an ACC school," he said. "He's not going to be camera ready, but I don't know what's going to happen in the next twelve months. The problem with college scouting and college recruiting, is that these guys are basing decisions off of kids sophomore tape…Kids develop.

"That's the biggest problem. Brandon is going to be a big time player once he develops and really focuses on training for football."

Off the field, coach Linta has only good things to say about Ginnetti.

"He's a captain," he said. "He's a good student. He's not Ivy League material by any means but he's a good student. A very intelligent kid and a fun kid to be around. He listens. Last year we played him at fullback, halfback, tight end, h-back, he's a jack of all trades on offense. On defense he played defensive end. So he can do a lot of things."

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