Peek Raves about Syracuse Visit

2016 defensive tackle Bo Peek visited Syracuse on Friday, and things went about as well as the Orange could have hoped. He details the trip and its impact on his recruitment inside.

Tampa (Fla.) Berkeley Preparatory School defensive tackle Bo Peek is one of the most talented defensive lineman in the south in the 2016 class. Syracuse offered him early and are trying to make a big impression with the 2015 cycle still in full swing.

The Orange's plan worked as Peek visited the campus for the first time on Friday.

"It was awesome, I'll be honest," Peek said. "The coaching staff was more than I imagined. They were just awesome. A great group of coaches. Not even just about football, just about life. It was a really good time. I did love Syracuse. It was awesome."

The 6-foot-2 defensive tackle could not identify one specific part that stood out during the visit. Instead, he says the whole experience was great all-around.

"It started out where I walked into Manley Field House," Peek said. "Right from there you could tell they had great facilities. I got to see all these videos and they kind of took me around. I got to meet a couple players so that was awesome. They had my favorite number, 99, waiting for me and I got to try it on.

"It was just a really nice time. All the coaches were really personable. I think every single coach on the coaching staff made a point to come see me and talk to me. I sat with the d-line coach (Tim Daoust) and defensive coordinator (Chuck Bullough) separately and just kind of went over stuff. I pretty much liked every aspect of the visit."

One big highlight was sitting down with the Syracuse assistants.

"The whole visit wasn't just about football," Peek said. "We talked about life. With coach Daoust, we did go over some defensive line stuff and schemes and how they read offenses.

"With the defensive coordinator, coach Bullough, he surprised me actually. He taught me a bunch of the defensive schemes and how they do things and their code words and things. I enjoyed it a lot."

Maybe the most important part of the trip was the extensive amount of time that Peek spent in head coach Scott Shafer's office. He and his mom got to know the leader of the Orange on a personal level, which could pay dividends down the road.

"The coaching staff is going to play a huge role in where I choose to go," Peek said. "We had a really good talk and my mom was in there with us. He didn't try to sell me the university. He didn't give me any recruiting pitches or anything like that. He is a very honest man, true blue.

"He basically said that ‘we want people to come to this university who want to come here.' He's just a really great guy. I enjoyed it a lot, speaking to him. He kind of told me about his background and a bunch of other stuff. So it was fun."

The visit left Peek with a very positive view of Syracuse.

"To be honest, before the trip I didn't know that much about Syracuse," Peek said. "It definitely peeked my interest a ton. It's definitely a school I'm going to consider more than others in the future. Especially because they treated me so well and really wanted to get to know me. They really put in an effort getting to know me.

"I like that they're showing that much interest in me. But we'll see where it takes me."

Peek is planning to return to Syracuse next summer. On that visit, he plans to bring his dad with him. While his mom got to see the campus this time, the three-star defensive tackle's parents will be a critical part of his recruitment. Therefore, having both parents see a school is very important.

He plans to make a decision before his senior season, which starts in the fall of 2015.

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