Bryant Focused on Four

Five-star center Thomas Bryant has made some tweaks to his list. He discusses the latest with his recruitment, visits planned for the fall and whether or not he is getting close to a decision inside.

Thomas Bryant released his top six a little over three months ago. Since that time, there has been some movement to his list. Kentucky, Ohio State and Florida have all fallen off. The Wildcats never offered and were losing contact, while the Buckeyes filled their big man slots and the Gators were diminishing their communication as well.

Two schools from his list, however, have remained in hot pursuit of the five-star talent.

”The ones that stay in touch the most are Kansas and Syracuse,” Bryant said. “Kansas tells me how they’re going to develop me and how they’re going to win championships. They always develop players and get them ready for the NBA. They say that they want me to come watch them.

”Seeing what Joel Embiid did there has an impact. Of course it does. It just shows how you can put in your work there and develop to get your game ready for the next level.”

With Syracuse, there is a lot of familiarity with the program since Bryant grew up in nearby Rochester (N.Y.)

”The coach that I talk to is mostly Mike Hopkins a lot,” he said. “He talks with me a lot. He tells me that I would be a great addition to their recruiting class and that they really want me. Saying there’s still a scholarship there for me.

”I talked to him about that and he said there is one there for me. I’m still keeping my options open, but it’s a big impact to have them close to me. Having them stay in touch so much even though they’re so close.”

Another school on his list is North Carolina.

”North Carolina hasn’t been talking to me as much because of their situation,” Bryant said. “I’m still giving them a fair shot. A kid can say anything but you never know until you see it yourself, really.”

While three schools have fallen off of Bryant’s list, another has jumped on. He says he is giving the Missouri Tigers a serious look and they have a chance to move into his top group.

”Since coach Rob (Fulford) took a job at Missouri, I’m going to take an official there,” Bryant said. “They’re creeping up a little bit. They’re really staying in touch with me because coach Rob coaches there now as an assistant coach. I’m visiting in October.”

Bryant also will try to get up to Syracuse for their Orange Madness this fall. A trip to Kansas is in the works as well. Despite the seemingly shrinking list, the five-star talent still believes he is a little ways off from a decision.

”Right now I feel like I haven’t gotten close to a decision yet,” Bryant said. “I feel like it’s getting closer step by step, but not that close to where I know definitely where I’m going to go.”

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