McKee breaks down top 10

Four-star linebacker released his top-10 recently, and breaks down which each school made the list with inside.

Yesterday, four-star outside linebacker Anthony McKee Jr. announced his top-10 schools via Twitter. The 2015 recruit from Marion-Franklin (Ohio) is being pursued nationwide, accumulating around 20 offers.

“I felt like I needed to narrow down,” McKee said in a phone interview. “People in my class are committing early, which means that I feel I should commit early so I don’t wait on a school, and then they take like linebackers; I don’t want them to fill up.”

McKee’s said his list (listed below in alphabetical order) will not change unless a top program—like Ohio State, Michigan or Alabama—shows interest. Here’s what he had to say about the schools so far.


“I have heard a lot of about them. I have a lot of teammates that wanted to go there, and they offered really early to me too. It was a big deal because they are in the Big Ten, and at first Big Ten offers were all I really had. They have a good program.”


“Kentucky? I love it. I love the fans and their facilities, also. The coaches are great, and I really see them as an up-and-coming program.”

Michigan State

“I love their facilities, the coaches, the fans, and what they have going on up there at that college. We have a player, Robert Bowers, that goes there now that played for my high school last year. He is in my ear a lot, talking about Michigan St. and how much he loves it there.”


I feel Minnesota is another school on the rise. I didn’t expect it, but their facilities and coaches are great. That is a place that I have to get up to [to visit].


“Oklahoma is a big deal, and I didn’t see that one coming. Them beating Alabama was a really big deal to me. I just feel like they are a good school, and I really like what the coaches are doing over there. They are just a program that are on the up and ups."


“I have a good relationship with Coach (Joe) Rudolph. We have been talking a lot, and he was telling me about facilities, the city and how it is just a good deal up there. Putting them on the list came from me getting up there and seeing it for myself. When I got there, I just fell in love with everything.


“I see that as an early opportunity to play, coming to college your first year and being able to play and start early. I like their facilities, and they are an upcoming program as well.”


“Syracuse was also a big offer that I really didn’t see coming. When they offered, I felt that it was a good, and it’s not too far away from home.”


“Tennessee came earlier. I think I received the offer during my sophomore summer. I went to a camp down there that summer, and they offered after the camp. That was a big offer for me because it was so early.”


“There are two players who graduated from my high school – that I played with – that goes there right now. They told me how much they love it there and how the school is always competing [in larger bowl games].

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