Coach Speak: West Lindor spoke with Affton head coach Dan Oliver to breakdown what the Orange are getting in West Lindor.

Syracuse added West Lindor to their 2015 class on Wednesday. He fills the “Y” position slot the Orange had been looking for this cycle. That will be a wide receiver/tight end hybrid that Syracuse views as the potential for being a big weapon in the offense.

Lindor’s head coach at Affton High School in St. Louis (Mo.), Dan Oliver, believes he is a perfect fit for that position.

”He’s a big kid,” Oliver said. “He’s a little over 6-foot-4. Last time I weighed him, he’s at 215-pounds. He’s been a little tight this summer with his hamstring so he hasn’t been running as well as he was earlier. We timed him at a 4.5-40 in the spring during track season. He’s working real hard in the weight room, getting bigger and stronger. For us, we kind of play him in that sort of hybrid tight end/wide receiver fashion.

”It’s part of our offense with multiple formations and things we do. We’ve had real good success with that. He creates big mismatches with his size and strength. He’s a basketball kid so he’s pretty good at using his body to shield off defenders and create openings for himself to catch the ball. He’s got great hands, big hands. He’s highly intelligent and just a great all around kid who enjoys all of the aspects of playing football.”

Syracuse was not the only school involved with Lindor’s recruitment. Despite only having one other offer from Arkansas State, several other programs were very interested in the versatile athlete.

”Mizzou looked at him as a safety,” Oliver said. “New Mexico was in talking about recruiting him as an outside linebacker. He was at Iowa and working with them as a safety. There have been a lot of schools in early on. Arkansas State offered him for that hybrid tight end position.

”Then coach (DeAndre) Smith came through and we had a long conversation. I gave him West’s information and stuff like that. Coach really liked him and thought he had a lot of upside. He had a lot of things they really liked and were interested in. As a result, they offered him. He spent the summer going around looking at different schools and different things.

”He and coach Smith were in contact over the summer,” he continued. “We talked a little bit about his situation and felt like it was the good time to commit to Syracuse.”

The key to Lindor maximizing his potential will be developing his body, which coach Oliver thinks has the ability to be done at a high level in Central New York.

”Obviously he’s 215 and that’s not where they’d like him to be, I would assume, at that position,” Oliver said. “I think he’s just got to continue to work and grow and I think those things will happen. When he gets to Syracuse and into the weight room, training tables and facilities, the right diet and all of that, he will continue to grow and fill out.

”His frame really hasn’t filled out. His shoulders haven’t filled out like when you get to be a full grown man. He’s still got some developing to do physically. Given the opportunity to train, he’s going to get better. His speed will get better and he’ll get stronger. He runs well now but I think he’s got a little more that they can squeeze out of him.”

From what coach Oliver has seen Lindor do on and off the field, he has very high expectations for his 6-foot-4 wideout.

”I think his ceiling is pretty high,” Oliver said. “He’s a highly intelligent kid who’s highly motivated. You don’t really have to say a whole lot to him. You just explain to him what you want done and he will go get it. I think the sky is the limit.

”There’s no doubt that he’s a tremendous player, a great kid and a great person. He’s a tremendous citizen. All of those intangibles that adds to that success story and creates a person that is going to be successful.”

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