Philcox recalls recruitment spoke with former Syracuse QB Todd Philcox recently about a variety of topics. Today's piece focuses on his recruitment and why he chose the Orange. (Photo credit: Syracuse Athletics)

Todd Philcox played high school football at Norwalk High in Norwalk (Conn.), the same school as 2015 offensive line commit Evan Adams. Back when he was being recruited in the mid-1980s, recruiting was not as public as it is now. Still, even then, he was a nationally known prospect.

Philcox had offers from some big name programs, including Michigan and Pittsburgh in addition to Syracuse.

”I was fortunate out of high school to have quite a few options,” Philcox said. “I was recruited nationally. I had a coach in high school who knew the recruiting process quite well. So that got my name pretty well circulated.

”I had a number of options and I ended up taking visits to the University of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Michigan and probably a few other schools I can’t quite remember at the moment.”

Ultimately, Syracuse was the choice despite visits to nationally recognized power programs. Several factors played into his decision, but location may have been the most important.

”With Syracuse, I grew up in Connecticut,” Philcox said. “I wanted to stay a little closer to home so that my family could be a part of the experience. Syracuse seemed to be a school that was improving.

”They had great facilities and a great education. So that’s what the choice came down to.”

Patience was the next step for Philcox, who did not become the starter until 1988, his fifth year in the Orange program. His time proved worth waiting for as he led Syracuse to a 10-2 record as a senior, throwing for over 2,000-yards in the process.

Since then, things have changed significantly around the program. There have been multiple coaching changes and a conference switch. But the change that stands out the most to the former Syracuse signal caller is the improvement in the facilities.

”It’s been quite a while, so change has been up and down as far as the success of the program,” Philcox said. “Facilities wise, certainly they continue to grow from that time until now. On a national scale, there’s always competition there. But I think now the facilities are fantastic.

”I haven’t been back in the last couple of years so I haven’t really seen some of the new results. I have seen some things like the new football wing and things like that. Certainly, they have improved drastically since I was there.”

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