Adams Looking for Big Senior Season caught up with Syracuse commit Evan Adams who discusses what he's been working on this summer in order to have a productive senior season.

Evan Adams was smitten with Syracuse since his first visit to the campus this June, resulting in the commitment about a week later.

The 2015 recruit from Norwalk, Connecticut, said he has only become more excited about the Orange as his senior year approaches.

“Everything is great, and I’m great,” Adams said in a phone interview. “I have been working out all summer, staying focused and I’m trying to lead my team to a good season this year.”

The 6-foot-6, 300-pound offensive lineman said he’s devoted this offseason to improving his blocking skills, as well as remaining explosive during heavier summer workout routines. He also said that offensive line coach Joe Adam has regularly checked in, reminding him hot to grow as a player and lead his team.

“I’m one of only two captains on my team right now,” Adams said. “We have a lot of young kids that want to make a difference.

“He tells me to be a leader and to not be afraid of making mistakes.”

Adams said he’s still developing as a pass blocker due to the fact that Norwalk operates on a heavy-run system. But he is excited about learning a new skill, and eventually, a new offensive game plan.

“I’m tall enough to kick stride my way back, and I’m comfortable with that,” Adams said. “But it is just about timing—catching the defender’s chest when he exposes it.

“When I get to Syracuse, it is going to be different. Because when you run power, you don’t need to know your running back that well. You open up that hole and he runs through it.”

Adams said he’s set on his commitment to the Orange. He plans to take an official visit once the new school year starts. He still receives information from UConn from time to time, but he is not interested. More than anything, he is glad the recruiting process is over for him and his family.

“It's a relief for my mother, just so she doesn’t have to worry about getting her baby to school and where he’s going to go and how he’s going to get there,” Adams said. “It feels good that I kind of paved the way for myself.”

On the roster sheet, Adams knows he’s going to stand out based off his size. But he said that Syracuse is not only getting a big guy, but someone whose only mission on the football field is to destroy, as he likes to say.

“They are getting a monster, plain and simple – somebody who is looking for contact 100 percent of the time,” Adams said. “A lot of people don't watch the offensive lineman or the way we do things. But if you look at my film, I like to be aggressive, and I like to put my man on their butts.”

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