Visit reinforces Henderson's decision

Three-star linebacker and Syracuse commit Troy Henderson goes in-depth on his visit to the Orange campus on Monday.

Lakewood (Ohio) St. Edward linebacker Troy Henderson committed to Syracuse two weeks ago. He returned to the campus for a more intimate visit on Monday.

”It was great, I loved it,” Henderson said. “The first thing I did was take a tour of the football facilities. Eric (White) and Cole (Dial) were at the Dome waiting on me. I was talking to them and I took a picture of the Ernie Davis (Heisman) Trophy. The coaches were having a defensive meeting, so I walked in there. I got to talk to them for about 15-minutes.

”They were talking about how I’ve been and stuff. Then I met the Dean and I met the woman in the business department. Then I toured around the apartments and stuff. I talked to them for a while. Then I got some food and went to the team shop. Then I went to the Dome. All the basketball stuff was out so I ended up shooting the ball with Cole and Eric.

”Then I talked to coach Lea for the rest of the time,” he continued. “I talked to him for a couple of hours about football and life and everything. We talked about how the depth chart is and his plan for me coming in next year. Oh yeah, then in between that somewhere, the freshmen were working out. So I got to talk to the freshmen linebackers like Zaire Franklin.”

Seeing the Heisman Trophy for Ernie Davis, a man he calls “Uncle” for his close relationship to his family, was a sentimental moment for the three-star linebacker.

”It was real special,” Henderson said. “Just being able to see all that about him. I got to see the Heisman Trophy. They had the movie The Express playing right next to it, and I’ve seen that like a hundred times.

”Then they actually opened up the trophy so I could touch and I took my picture with it.”

The trip solidified Henderson’s decision. Not that he had any doubts after committing to the Orange, but the visit reinforced what he already knew.

”Yeah I definitely made the right decision,” Henderson said. “I’m excited to come in next year. I’m 120% committed. I can’t wait to get up there like June 27th of 2015. I definitely made the right decision and I can’t wait.”

One of the highlights of the trip was spending time with his position coach, Clark Lea.

”It was fun,” Henderson said. “That’s my guy. That’s like my favorite person right now. Just talking to him about life and football. Just how he’s doing and how his family is doing. I know him very well and we’ve built a really good relationship over the last few months. It was great just talking to him and catching up and stuff.”

Just because Henderson was visiting Syracuse doesn’t mean he didn’t have his mind on other things. He reached out to target Jake Pickard to try to help him where the Orange stand.

”I’m going to try to talk to him and get him to come to the orange and blue,” Henderson said. “I’m going to try to talk to him and tell him he needs to come ‘Cuse. If I get a chance to talk to him, there’s no way he’s going to Wisconsin. I’m going to get him.”

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