Krautman Hangs Up the Cleats

Syracuse kicker Ross Krautman will be unable to go this season as a nagging hip injury has forced him to give up football.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- At Syracuse media day, Scott Shafer delivered some unfortunate news. Kicker Ross Krautman, who was entering his senior season, is forced to give up the rest of his football career due to a nagging hip injury.

"Ross Krautman, you guys all know Ross had a hip injury and some surgery," Shafer said. "We were really hopeful he was going to make it back. It's continued to be a bother to him and chronic. He's had a lot of pain with it. He's made the decision that he's going to have to put the cleats up.

"I just want to say thanks to Ross. Ross is a great kid. One of my favorite kids on the team. I really appreciate the effort that he put in during his time at Syracuse. He will be missed, he really will. More as a person than anything with the way I look at it."

Once again the 'Next Man Up' mantra will be tested. Ryan Norton will likely be the primary kicker, but walk-ons Cole Murphy and Alex Hodgkinson will push Norton to replace Krautman this season.

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