Hunt excited about competition at receiver

Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt discusses the riggers of training camp, competition at wide received and focusing on the season opener inside.

Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt is not getting ahead of himself. Despite matchups with some of college football’s elite programs, the focus remains the season opener.

”I’m just thinking about Villanova right now,” Hunt said. “If I look past them and we lose that, I mean, are we going to beat Florida State now? Nah. I want to worry about Villanova now then Central Michigan then Notre Dame. When we get to Florida State, that’s when I’ll start thinking about them. Right now, everything on my mind is Villanova.”

Hunt is now a seasoned veteran. After spending most of last season as the starter, he enters camp in a more secure position. At this time last year, he was starting a quarterback battle with Drew Allen. Now, there is no such competition. Using everything he has learned during his time in the program, he has advice that can help some of the newcomers.

”I would just say time management,” Hunt said. “Write down everything. Make sure you’re always paying attention and always staying awake. Manage your time well. Sometimes you can go on rest or sometimes you can go learn the playbook for an extra 30-minutes. It’s all about time management really. Just go hard and I’m pretty sure they’re going to do that. They want to prove something but really just manage your time well.

”Especially at night time, don’t be staying up a lot because you know you have to wake up at seven-thirty in the morning and produce. Everybody’s fighting for a spot. We have 17 wide receivers. That’s a lot. I would be scared if I was a wide receiver. It’s just really competing. Everybody’s just got to do their job and do it to the best and that’s all you could ask for.”

Training camp is both a physical and mental grind. It is a marathon not a sprint. However, Hunt feels things a bit differently than some of his teammates.

”For me, it’s mentally,” Hunt said. “We get flustered and we get the noise. But for a d-lineman, that’s physical. My roommate is Marcus Coleman. He says all the time, ‘man my body kills during camp. I’m not looking forward to it.’ I’m sitting on the couch like, ‘man I can’t wait for camp.’ It’s totally different, it all pays off. We may hate it now but we’ll love it at the end of it.”

The wide receiver position was one of much debate last season. Heading into this year, Hunt sees strength in numbers.

”I’ve seen a lot of competition,” Hunt said. “It’s a cutthroat situation. They’re all going for it. I’ve seen a lot of improvement and a lot of guys stepping up. Each one of them has something that someone else doesn’t have. For instance I say Sean Avant is our best route runner. Some people may not run routes the same as he does but some might be faster.

”They’re all very compatible. It’s a very compatible wide receiver group. I’m just looking forward to seeing who’s starting and who competes at the best of their potential.”

The focus now is having a few step up and standout amongst the crowd. Hunt is excited about seeing who will emerge.

”Brisly, Ben Lewis, Quinta Funderburk, Jarrod, Kobena, Ashton and all of them,” he said. “I’m looking forward to seeing the freshmen too like Jamal Custis, Ishmael, Adly. I’m looking forward to seeing all of them and see them go through the growing pains.

”Have their tough times because that’s the best time. You get to see them going through the struggle and then you really see who’s ready to play and who’s ready to go out there and put it all on the field.”

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