Acosta likes the potential of the tight ends

Syracuse assistant Bobby Acosta discusses where his tight ends unit stands through four days of training camp.

Syracuse tight ends coach Bobby Acosta is in his first year with the Orange. In his first training camp, he is looking to mold the tight ends into a more productive part of the offense. He discusses where things stand through four practices below.

On passion for coaching: “It’s a passion that is driven through upbringing, I believe. My family, we were brought up very poor. We always had to find that outlet. We always lived with the mentality that it always could be worse. The opportunities to seize the moment or the day, you have to go after it and pretty much live it. You can’t really hold back and think about adversities. Our guys love to overcome adversity. That’s why we practice. We practice to overcome adversity every single moment. With enthusiasm and upbeat. I want my players to become upbeat and enthusiastic.”

On the tight ends: “They’re high energy. They want to be perfect. They fight to be perfect. We talk about, we don’t want to be average. We don’t accept average. We want to definitely be above average in everything that we do. There are times that we’re going to drop below that. We have to learn from that and move forward so that the techniques look better and the routes look better and all that good stuff.”

On Josh Parris: “Yeah I think if you just look at his body and the transformation from watching tape of him from last year to watching him on the field now. The biggest thing now is to maintain that. Right now, with his place in the formation, he looks like a wide receiver. Last year he looked like a tight end. So I’m very impressed with his skill set. What I need to do as his coach is to take him to a level he’s never been. I’m very excited about that opportunity.”

On the other tight ends: “I just had a conversation with Tyler. He’s hungry. He sees the competition and he definitely wants to step up to the competition. He wants to be the starter. Kendall Moore is the same way. These guys, they see it right now as there’s no starter. They’re all competing for a starting job. That’s the type of atmosphere we create. We’re all working for one cause. I don’t allow my guy to get blinded by the opportunity that ‘today I can call myself the starter.’ Week one we’ll start whoever needs to be the starter. We’re all working for one goal right now.”

On P.J. Batten: “Yeah he’s changed back. You know, he’s learning the plays. He’s athletic, he’s quick. He’s probably one of the fastest tight ends that we have, or Y’s as we call them now. He’s catching up. But again, he matches my personality. He brings a lot of life to the room. He definitely likes to talk just like I do. We have a room that is very engaging. Our guys are having fun. When we have bad days, we have them together. Like today, I had a bad day today signaling. They kind of felt my pain a little bit. When Provo has a bad day, I feel his pain. Then we move on quickly because we have to learn from it.”

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