Ishmael learning from the veterans

True freshman wide receiver Steve Ishmael was one of the most hyped players in Syracuse's 2014 recruiting class. Just a few days into training camp, Ishmael discusses adjusting to college life, learning from the vets, Alin Edouard and more.

Syracuse true freshman wide receiver Steve Ishmael discusses early training camp, learning from the veterans, knowledge of the playbook, season expectations, missing Alin Edouard and more below.

On training camp so far: “It’s been a progression. We in the playbook and in the meeting room every day with coach McDonald and he’s been teaching me things. I’d say basically it’s been a progression. It’s a blessing just to be out here in this situation that I have. To play with Jarrod West, Jeremiah Kobena, Adrian Flemming, Sean Avant. It’s just been great playing with those guys. It’s been a great process.”

On a veteran taking him under his wing: “So far, I’d say it’s been Jeremiah Kobena. He’s been real firm on me. Every time I do something he’s over there trying to teach me. He’s been telling me to go in and get some extra reps. That’s been real huge for me so I would say it’s Jeremiah Kobena.”

On Syracuse now compared to the recruiting process: “I’d say it’s been a quite humbling experience. Coming in, college is totally different from high school. It’s been a humbling experience. It’s just great to be out here with these guys. My expectations are still what I said, but if they don’t go the way I planned, it’s just in the Lord’s hands. That’s what I feel about it. God-willing I’ll be able to get out there on that field. I just appreciate every play I have and just continue playing.”

On comfort level with the playbook: “The comfort level has increased a lot. Coach McDonald said that this freshmen class has caught up to the playbook faster than last year’s freshmen class. So I’m real comfortable on that. I think I’m done with the whole entire playbook. I think I’m good on that. It’s a different pace so when I’m out there, I just get a little anxious and think about it. Today was real fluid and I went through it solidly. It was great.”

On helping the other freshmen wide receivers: “Often. In the meeting room, we often talk. If he messes up, I’ll tell Jamal to right down the right route that he has. Adly is playing H and Y so it’s pretty confusing on that. I’ve still got me to worry about. It’s been great. Really, we just try to practice with the older guys like Jarrod West, Jeremiah Kobena and Adrian Flemming. They really teach us a lot. It’s been a real blessing and I thank the Lord for that.”

On Alin Edouard: “I’ve been in touch with Alin every day. That’s my good friend. He said that he’s trying to come back before we go to Fort Drum. He said he took his test and he thinks he passed. But he’s just waiting on the scores to come up here so he can come up the next day. Hopefully he’ll be back. That’s my roommate and I’m lonely. Hopefully he gets back soon so we can go through things together. That’s my soul brother and I miss him. I think it’s a family thing but I’m not sure. On the other hand, he’s going to be back up here so all the fans, all the Alin fans, he’s going to be back up here ready to compete.”

On Fort Drum: “I’ve heard that Fort Drum is pretty similar to this we just get up earlier. So my expectation is just to go in there with the same mindset. Just continue getting better every day. Just getting better, that’s the main thing that you can do in college. The freshmen just continue to get better and learn the plays. I study my playbook every night when I come back home. It’s just getting better. My expectations are just getting better.”

On feedback from coaches: “Coach McDonald hasn’t really said much but I know some of the players have said that the coaches really like me. That’s been great. I’m not sure right now but I think I’ll be getting in the game. I just have to keep working. I don’t want to say I’m going to get in the game and then I don’t. I’m just continuing working. I’ll ask him on his comments during the season.”

On snow: “I can remember the last time I was here on the visit, it looked a lot different during the snow. But right now Syracuse just looks beautiful and I’m loving the weather and it’s better than ever. I like it better than Miami. It’s colder. It’s just a real blessing.”

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