Franklin adjusting to the college game

Syracuse true freshman linebacker Zaire Franklin discusses his training camp experience thus far.

Linebacker Zaire Franklin has been at Syracuse for a couple of months and participated in only a handful of practices. He discusses adjusting to the speed of the game at this level and more below.

On differences from high school to college: “Oh yeah. Of course. Speed of the game. Honestly, as far as physically goes, these guys are a lot more physical than high school guys. But these guys move a lot faster. The first thing I noticed was guard Nick Robinson getting to me that fast. I’m not used to backs like Gulley running that fast. The speed of the game and the overall quickness caught me off guard at first for the first day. Since then, I think I’ve made dramatic improvement and I’m getting better everyday.”

On training camp: “It’s tough. It’s a grind. Every day from 10am til late at night it’s either meetings or practice. But you have to embrace it and you have to really love football and I love football. We can talk about football all day, it doesn’t really bother me.”

On first full padded practice: “Honestly, it wasn’t really that much of a difference. We’ve been going uppers and as linebackers we’ve been colliding with linemen and backs most of the time. We just go full speed anyway now we just kind of have pads on. It felt good though to put the pads on. I haven’t worn pads in like a year. I missed it a little bit but it felt good.”

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