Syracuse elects 2014 captains

The Syracuse football Orange have chosen their captains for the 2014 season.

At Monday's press conference, Syracuse football head coach Scott Shafer announced that the team has elected their four captains for the upcoming season.

Sean Hickey, Prince-Tyson Gulley, Sam Rodgers and Cameron Lynch were picked by the team and coaches.

"Last night we voted for captains," Shafer said. "I was really pleased with the way it came out. We had 20 gets votes. Fourteen had multiple votes but four of them kind of dominated the captainship process that we went through.

"We've got two youngsters from the state of Pennsylvania in Sean Hickey and Sam Rodgers. They got voted. We've got one guy from Georgia, Cam Lynch. And then we've got one guy from the great state of Ohio, Tyson Gulley. Those will be our captains for the 2014 campaign."

Each player on the list brings something to the table that coach Shafer believes makes their appointment to captain a good fit for the player and the team.

"I'll start with Sam Rodgers," Shafer said. "He does a lot to give back. He's done missions in Haiti. He leads multiple campaigns within the team where he's raising money for great causes. Strong Christian. Really strong with his belief system. I think his players really respect him for his value system.

"Tyson Gulley's a young man that came here as an excellent tailback out of Ohio. Had some ups and downs in figuring out the way when he was a young man here. Then the last two years he's really grown. Last year he actually had a lot of votes last year. It didn't surprise me that he was elected captain.

"Sean Hickey, selfless young man," he continued. "He plays the game the way it's meant to be played. His players have seen him do extremely well in school. Great student. Also fight through pain and the toughness side of being a hard-nosed offensive linemen. That's what Sean is. Then decided to come back and I'm real pleased with that.

"Then Cam Lynch is kind of everything we just talked about. Young man who's played a ton of football since the day he got here. Another excellent student. Great student-athlete. He's done a great job since the end of last season moving through to the summer. Really leading the linebacker group and the defensive group. So it didn't surprise me. He damn near had a vote from everyone on the team."

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