'Cuse commits recruit Bryant at elite camp

Thomas Bryant recently attended Syracuse's elite camp. CuseNation.com caught up with the four-star center to detail his experience, including Orange commits helping recruit Bryant.

Syracuse basketball has four top-100 players committed in their 2015 class. That hasn’t stopped them from pursuing a fifth. Thomas Bryant, a center prospect who attends Huntington Prep in West Virginia but is originally from nearby Rochester (N.Y.), attending Syracuse’s elite camp in recent weeks.

”It was good,” Bryant said. “I liked going up there and playing with Franklin (Howard) and Malachi (Richardson) and Tyler (Lydon). I’ve been knowing those guys for a long time and it’s just really good to go up there and see them and play with them.”

One of the many attractive things about camping with the Orange is the elite talent they attract each and every year. This year was no different and it allowed Bryant to challenge himself.

”I think I performed pretty good,” he said. “Just being back on the court and playing against some strong talent, I think I did pretty good. I worked a little bit with my back to the basket. It was good. I just try to keep improving every time I step on the court and show my natural talent.”

One of the players that Bryant played against was 2016 Orange commit Matthew Moyer. He was impressed by what he saw from Moyer.

”He was a great player,” Bryant said. “He’s versatile and can do a lot of things out there. Playing against him was fun and playing with him was fun too.”

Bryant spent a lot of time with Syracuse commits Franklin Howard, Malachi Richardson and Tyler Lydon. The trio of Orange commits were trying to recruit the four-star center to join them on the hill.

”Oh man did they,” Bryant said. “When I walked through the door, they were asking me, ‘when are you going to commit? When are you going to do this and do that? Why are you waiting?’ Of course they’re trying to recruit me and everything. But I’m just taking it one step at a time and looking at all the schools. Just choosing the best one that fits me.

”Yeah that definitely makes me feel good though. As a player, when you’re picking a college and you like when the guys that are all committed there already want you to come there too. It makes you feel good and makes you feel like you’re on the right track with doing something really good for yourself.”

Another highlight of the trip was spending time with the Syracuse coaches, with whom he has developed a strong relationship.

”I talked to the Syracuse coaches a lot,” Bryant said. “I saw Jim there. He was talking to a lot of the parents there. He was watching and evaluating things. I talked to him for a while. Then of course coach Hopkins who was running most of the camp. I talked to him. They were very welcoming as always. It’s a very good environment. They didn’t really talk about recruiting. They just wanted me to come up and have some fun and play some basketball.”

Bryant added that he has an official visit to Syracuse in late October or early November in addition to his official to Missouri. He says his current decision time frame is in the spring.

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