Custis becoming a versatile weapon caught up with true freshman Jamal Custis to discuss switching between tight end and wide receiver and how that has helped him become a weapon in the Orange offense.

Philadelphia native, freshman Jamal Custis has more studying than most in the offensive playbook. Custis has been switching positions for Syracuse from wide receiver to tight end during his first training camp.

“It is difficult, especially my first year as a freshman just learning the plays period, but it is difficult trying to learn both,” Custis said. “Both the coaches help me with them, they make it easy and I take the time to study them.”

While some may look at learning two positions in their initiation into the college game as a hindrance, Custis has embraced becoming a more versatile offensive weapon. In fact, he believes it has helped make him a better football player.

“It’s made me a better player actually from the receiving standpoint,” he said.

Custis feels more focused. He doesn’t have a favorite position of the two since he switches around so often, but whatever frees him up and gives him the ball is what he wants.

Tight ends coach Bobby Acosta told him that they want him to multiple positions which is the reason for the switch. Currently, he is working primarily with the tight ends. But in the future, his skill set will allow a move back to the wide receiver position.

While Custis’ exact role this season is not yet known, he could be someone that Syracuse utilizes in the red zone in order to take advantage of his size. Regardless, he is just scratching the surface of what he can become.

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