Simmons finally healthy caught up with senior defensive end Donnie Simmons who is finally healthy after injuries in prior seasons. He believes he is stronger than ever with the season rapidly approaching.

Senior Defensive End Donnie Simmons is healthy after returning from his knee injury. The Syracuse player has been doing well since coming back and feeling better than ever.

“It feels great my knee is back in tack like it was before and I really feel like myself now,” Simmons said. “Now its just progression, working on my technique and just moving forward from there.”

Coming back from any injury is difficult, but Simmons feels he has come stronger than he was prior to the injury.

“I’m making great leaps from where I was before I got hurt,” said Simmons.

Since being back, Simmons has been getting good feedback from Coach Daoust and Coach Bullough.

“They are telling me to work on different moves like pass rushes and stuff like that and to be more aggressive…its just working on technique,” said Simmons.

“It’s been a really good camp so far."

With preseason coming to an end soon and Villanova right around the corner Simmons still isn’t sure what his role is yet for the team. He just wants to help the team out regardless and he’s glad to be back on the field.

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