10 Most Important Players

CuseNation.com breaks down the ten most important players to Syracuse's 2014 season.

There are many players that will have an impact on Syracuse football’s 2014 season. But we take a look at the top ten most important players for the Orange.

10. John Miller: Miller is taking over for multi-year starter Macky MacPherson. He emerged during the spring as the guy in the middle of the Syracuse offensive line. Miller’s productivity in live game action will be critical for the success of the line and the offense.

9. Ron Thompson: Syracuse needs to develop a consistent pass rushing threat from the front four. Thompson may be the most logical option for the Orange despite not being a starter. His ability to become that will be critical for the success of the defense.

8. Eric Crume: With the loss of Jay Bromley to the NFL, the middle of the defensive line is in need of new leadership. Crume is a veteran who will look to fulfill that role.

7. Julian Whigham: Syracuse needs a corner to step up as someone who can cover opposing team’s top receiving options. Whigham’s size and speed make him the most likely choice.

6. Cameron Lynch: Lynch is a solid all-around linebacker who can blitz, cover and make an impact against the run. His contributions will be important to the defense this season.

5. Dyshawn Davis: Davis may be the best blitzing player the Orange have. His ability to make plays in the backfield, especially with the loss of Marquise Spruill, will be critical for the defense.

4. Sean Hickey: Winning games starts in the trenches right? Syracuse has one of the best in the ACC and in the nation in offensive tackle Sean Hickey. He protects Hunt’s blindside and provides strong run blocking as well.

3. Brisly Estime: Estime may be the most explosive player on the Syracuse offense. If the Orange are to become more dynamic, he needs to be a key part of that. Look for a breakout season from the speedy h-back.

2. Durell Eskridge: Eskridge is the best pro prospect on the team and the most talented defensive player. He can help in run support and be a ball hawk in the secondary. Look for Eskridge to be a playmaker all season in helping the defense force turnovers.

1. Terrel Hunt: In order for Syracuse to take the next step as a program, Hunt must continue his development as a quarterback. Oh, and he has to stay healthy all season. He is the most important player for the Orange this season.

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